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226 From M. K. Sniffen Indian Rights Association to Gen. Scott April 8, 1915uaida_mainText
227 From Chas. Avery to Gen. Scott April 20, 1915uaida_mainText
228 Possibly from Gen. Scott to Charles Avery April 23, 1915uaida_mainText
229 Order: United States of America, Plantiff vs. Tse-na-gat, other wise called Pa-woo-tach, otherwise called Everett Hatch, Defendant April 30, 1915uaida_mainText
230 From United States Attorney to the Attorney General June 17, 1915uaida_mainText
231 Telegram from L.E. Campbell to Gen. Scott July 15, 1915uaida_mainText
232 From E.B. Meritt, Assistant Commissioner To Superintendent Walter West Feb. 3, 1916uaida_mainText
233 From Francisco Cesspooch to Brother Harry Dec. 7, 1923uaida_mainText
234 Uintah Unit Alternative No. 1 Lower Uinta Alternativeuaida_mainText
235 Receipt of payment by Superintendent Henry Martin for services rendered dated August 28, 18611861-08-28uaida_mainText
236 Letter from Supervisor Jewell D. Martin to Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells dated August 6, 19141914-08-06uaida_mainText
237 List of goods for Box Elder dated March 29, 18651865-03-29uaida_mainText
238 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs - 18861886uaida_mainText
239 Expenses for Utah Indian Agency dated March 31, 18611861-03-31uaida_mainImage/StillImage
240 Superintendency #554uaida_mainImage/StillImage
241 Letter from Second Auditor Linch of the Treasury Department to Superintendent Tourtillotte dated October 1, 18701870-10-01uaida_mainImage/StillImage
242 Receipt of payment by Superintendent Henry Martin for services rendered dated September 30, 18611861-09-30uaida_mainText
243 Superintendency #475uaida_mainText
244 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint Journal History - May 4, 18611861-05-04uaida_mainText
245 Chu-ar-ru-um-pu-run-kunt and the Yu-kutsuaida_mainText
246 Senate, Calendar No. 724, 65th Congress, 1st Session, Report No. 668, Reservation of Certain Land in Utah as a School Site for Ute Indians, May 31, 1924, Report submitted by Mr. Harreld, from the Committee on Indian Affairsuaida_mainText
247 Circular to Superintendents and agents of the Indian Department from Office of Indian Affairs dated 12 June 18691869-06-12uaida_mainImage/StillImage
248 Receipt of payment by Superintendent Henry Martin for services rendered dated September 17, 18611861-09-17uaida_mainText
249 Letter from Interpreter Joseph A. Gebow to Superintendent Doty dated December 18, 18621862-12-18uaida_mainText
250 Superintendency #583uaida_mainImage/StillImage
226 - 250 of 3,051