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226 Ridge, Rachel KatherineFlagellar Protein Flhe Influences Motility and Morphology Through Regulation of Assembly in Escherichia ColiThe bacterial flagellar motor is a remarkably complex system, comprising thousands of protein subunits and responsible for motility in numerous species. Of these proteins, FlhE is not universally conserved and is relatively understudied. Usually found cotranscribed with flhB and flhA in the flhBAE o...2017
227 Fluckiger, Kylee ReneeFlexible Sensing for Pressure Ulcer Detection and PreventionPressure ulcers are a common and harmful ailment among those who use a wheelchair for extended lengths of time. Periodic pressure relief actions performed by the wheelchair user have been shown to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers, but these actions may not be completed correctly or regularly...2020
228 Santos, Jean Paul DytiocoFlight control systems with optimal effector allocation accounting for load constraintsThis paper describes the development of quadratic optimization algorithms to be used in flight control systems; such optimization algorithms aid in distributing control efforts among available actuators to produce forces to keep aircraft stable and in flight. With the advancement of computing power,...Flight control; Algorithms2013-05
229 Dean, CourtneyFood Aid or Industry Subsidy? the Power Dynamics of How the U.S. Feeds the WorldIn the 1950s the United States passed Public Law 480 and officially took up the cause of international food aid. Today, the United States is the largest provider of food assistance in the world accounting for over 50% of all aid. While other counties have stepped back or shifted their commitments t...Public law - United States - History2016-08
230 Jochim, JordanForging a truce, forcing an encounter: James Baldwin and the paradox of injuryIn States of Injury, Wendy Brown argues that emancipatory projects premised upon the "injured identity" of oppressed groups work inadvertently to solidify hierarchical social structures and generates forms of resentment that are ultimately self-defeating. As such, she urges the abandonment of injure...Baldwin, James, 1924-1987 - Criticism and interpretation; Political science - Philosophy; Power (Social science)2014-05
231 Bowen, BradyFractal geometry of melt ponds: Modeling the fractal geometry of arctic melt ponds using the level sets of random surfacesDuring the late spring, most of the Arctic Ocean is covered by sea ice with a layer of snow on top. As the snow and sea ice begin to melt, water collects on the surface to form melt ponds. As melting progresses, sparse, disconnected ponds coalesce to form complex, self-similar structures which are c...Melt pond geometry2016-04
232 James, MichelleFraming History: An Analysis of News Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Debates2019
233 Barton, Dylan OkechukwuFriends in all the wrong places? gang involvement and the relevance of attachment theoryGang involvement and gang activity are serious problems in the U.S. While the societal cost of gang activity is undisputed, there are mounting concerns for gang members themselves who suffer greater risk for adverse life events and personal victimization than their non-gang involved peers (Krohn et ...Gang members - Psychology; Attachment behavior in adolsescence2014-05
234 Seang, EmilyFrom Ground to Air: Connecting Nonemergency Medical Transportation in Rural UtahSufficient transportation is essential to supporting medical care in rural communities. Due to spatial barriers, or the lack of health facilities or pharmacies, patients often find themselves paying a high cost for consistent medical care. For patients needing multiple medical appointments, transpor...2020
235 Johnston, Jessica FaithFrom nanoscience to astrophysics: using high-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites to understand planet formationIn the field of astrophysics, there currently exists an outstanding gap of knowledge in understanding planet formation dynamics. At the formation scale ranging from millimeters to meters, astrophysicists debate as to how solar nebulae form larger masses-planets and other kilometer-sized bodies-from ...Physics & Astronomy2012-05
236 Parker, DwightFrom the margins to the middle: a patient-centered approach to primary care for refugees in UtahIn a country where even English-speaking minorities are often at a disadvantage, refugees' circumstances - especially as a result of social instability, language and cultural differences, level of education, and income - can render the American health care system frightening, inaccessible, incompreh...Immigrants - United States; Health care - United States2012-05
237 Borrowman, WilliamGas exchange of co-occurring plant species of the Great Basin Desert in an irrigated common gardenThe majority of plants in the Great Basin ecosystem have adapted to cope with drought during summer. While general characteristics of these plants have been studied in non-managed environments it is important to investigate the physiology of these plants when additional water is supplied. In this ...Urban heat island -- Prevention; Desert plants -- Ecology -- Great Basin -- Research; Plant ecophysiology -- Research; Irrigation -- Environmental aspects; Red Butte Garden (Salt Lake City, Utah)2014-04
238 Du Pre, Jessie J.Gender differences in recollected consistency or change in same sex sexuality across the lifespan: Measuring linkages between flexibility in sexual attraction, behavior, and love propensityThe flexibility of same sex attractions, engagement in same sex sexual behaviors, and propensity to fall in love with same sex partners were examined by assessing selfreported change over time in men and women of heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual orientations. We sought to examine whether the l...Same sex attraction; Gender differences2015-12
239 Herbert-Voss, ArielGenerating audio mixtures using deep convolutional neural networksDeep neural networks have recently been used in a generative capacity to separate and convolve the content and style of two input images. This is done using a joint cost function during gradient descent that encodes information about style and content to iteratively calculate forward node activation...Computer sound processing; Computer music; Machine learning; Neural networks; Audio mixtures; Spectrograms; Split integer scaling2016-05
240 Rahmati, KasraGenetically Modified Chemotaxis Signaling Protein Chey Binds to the Rotor Protein Flin to Control the Direction of Flagellar Rotation in Escherichia ColiBacterial chemotaxis is the directed movement of a bacterium in response to environmental chemical stimuli. Cells of E. coli, for example, swim by rotating their flagella and direct their movement by regulating reversals between counterclockwise (CCW) and clockwise (CW) rotation. The switch from CCW...2020
241 Acosta, LehiGenotype-dependent susceptibility to influenza and titer-virulence discordanceThe influenza a virus (IAV) is a major source of human mortality and both recent and anticipated pandemics make understanding this major human pathogen of paramount importance1,2. The use of mouse models allows us to experimentally manipulate critical variables to more fully understand the dynamics ...Influenza A virus - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Transmissibility; Virulence; Viral titers; Erythropoeintin2016-05
242 Jones, AdamGive me a Viking Funeral: Fighting Ideology with Ideology in the Dystopia of V for VendettaA photograph of the Antarctic landscape is, for many, the only way through which they understand the continent's existence. Most have never travelled there and for them, photography and other representations of its geography are the only proof that it actually exists. This photograph then becomes th...2015
243 Hill, AlexGlobalization and the new leadership approach: an in-depth analysis of globalization's affect on corrorations and the leadership styles employed from withinWith our world now fully engulfed in the 21st century, we find ourselves living, working, and communicating on a more globalized scale than ever before. This massive movement toward globalization has transcended beyond just our daily activities; it has proven to have major implications on our world ...Globalization - 21st century; Globalization - Economic aspects; Globalization - Political aspects - Congresses; Globalization - Social aspects; Corporations - growth; Small businesses2013-04
244 Shackelford, DavidGraduating from the Electoral College : a critique on the electoral system of AmericaOur country is founded on democracy and the will of the people, but in the 2000 election the majority of citizens in the United States voted for the losing candidate. This result, of course, only is possible through the system called the Electoral College. This paper traces the history of the Electo...Electoral college; Presidents - United States - Election2013-05
245 Manwill, EmmylouGrassroots yet global: the Idle No More indigenous movement in twenty-first century CanadaThe focus of this thesis is the indigenous sovereignty and land rights movement, selfidentified as the "Idle No More movement" (INM), that began in opposition to federal Canadian policies in December 2012. While Canadian natives have organized in resistance before, the INM movement sticks out compar...Idle No More (Movement); Protest movements - Canada; Indigenous peoples - Canada2014-05
246 Reynolds, MiraGuilt and shame among military personnel and veterans who have experienced military sexual traumaObjective: Sexual trauma is more likely to result in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women than other types of trauma. Women who have suffered any form of trauma are also more likely to experience guilt and shame than men. However, less is known about the relationship of guilt and shame wit...Sexual violence - Military; Post-traumatic stress disorder - Research - United States2016-05
247 Christensen, David S.Harmonization of EU-U.S. regulatory standards: challenges and opportunitiesThe prevailing trend of lower tariffs over the past half century has dramatically increased global trade flows and has exposed many previously invisible non-tariff barriers to trade, including trade-distorting regulatory practices. In this paper, I provide a broad overview of current practice and th...United States. Trade Development.; Eurupoean Union trade relations; Harmonizing standards2012-05
248 Gates, AbigailHealth Care in the United States: Disparities and Distrust in the Black CommunityDuring the time of slavery, Black and African Americans were mistreated and abused as research subjects in medical studies. This mistreatment continued into the 20th century with the Tuskegee Syphilis study and continues today in many doctor's offices throughout America. This paper begins by looking...2020
249 McLean, HaileyHealthcare Encounters of Formerly Homeless Individuals Supported by the Housing first ProgramHomeless individuals often have high utilization of emergency healthcare services. With United States healthcare costs continuing to rise encouraging appropriate utilization as a way to lower costs and improve outcomes is becoming a priority. This study examined the healthcare encounters of formerly...2018
250 Bacon, Brandon ToddHealthcare culture and the innovation climate of the Salt Lake ValleyHealthcare innovation has become an important issue over the past ten years in the health industry. However, consistently fostering the development and integration of new ideas and technologies into healthcare often runs counter to long held organizational norms and values. Many healthcare systems b...Medical care - Utah - Salt Lake Valley; Organization change - Utah - Salt Lake City2013-05
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