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226 Richins, LukePreventing corporate fraudThis thesis is written with the purpose of exploring employee's perception of the effect of different methods of corporate fraud prevention on their own behavior. To accomplish this, this paper will explore the definition of fraud, potential prevention methods, and analyze data retrieved from a surv...Corporations - Corrupt practices - Prevention; Fraud - Prevention2014-04
227 Hyde, Katie M.Bhutanese refugee women's lived reproductive health experience in Salt Lake City, UtahThis research project focused on family planning and reproductive health care access among Bhutanese refugees in Salt Lake City, Utah. Four questions guided this study: (1) What contraceptive methods do female Bhutanese refugees use to control fertility/space births? (2) What reproductive health car...Women refugees - Utah - Salt Lake City - Health and hygiene; Women refugees - Bhutan - Health and hygiene; Reproductive health services - Utah2014-05
228 Maxwell, Netanya EliseDifferentiation in elementary classroomsIn conjunction with the Utah Educational Policy Research center and under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Rorrer, this paper examines the current research surrounding differentiation in public elementary school (K-5) classrooms in the United States. This paper will seek to find a clear, singular defin...Individualized instruction; Mixed ability grouping in education; Education, Elementary2014-04
229 Chon, DoukRole of the trait neuroticism in stress processes and a possible link to cardiovascular diseaseThe dispositional approach to an individual's personality is well accepted throughout psychology, and neuroticism is one of the primary traits in this approach. Studies show that "persons high in neuroticism are self- critical and sensitive to the criticism of others" (Lahey, 2009, p.241).Neuroticis...Neuroticism - Health aspects; Cardiovascular system - Diseases - Psychological aspects2014-04
230 Ruan, TingEndogenous ceramide contributes to cardiovascular complications in Type II diabetes by decreasing the association between PP2A and I2PP2ACardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death in individuals with conditions associated with insulin resistance, e.g. type 2 diabetes, diet-induced obesity. In patients with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular complications are 2-4 times more prevalent. One common cardiovascular complicati...Ceramides - Physiological effect; Diabetic angiopathies2014
231 Schwartz, MaisieTravel in dance education: what's the pointe?The purpose of my project was to examine the benefits of travel in dance education to determine if international travel is something the University of Utah Department of Ballet should continue to support The funding and allowance of training and performance-based travel abroad has long been a point ...Dance - Study and teaching; Travel - Philosophy2014-05
232 Barton, Dylan OkechukwuFriends in all the wrong places? gang involvement and the relevance of attachment theoryGang involvement and gang activity are serious problems in the U.S. While the societal cost of gang activity is undisputed, there are mounting concerns for gang members themselves who suffer greater risk for adverse life events and personal victimization than their non-gang involved peers (Krohn et ...Gang members - Psychology; Attachment behavior in adolsescence2014-05
233 Belgard, SenaWhy volunteer? Perspectives from college studentsIn present day America, college students have many demands on their time, including classes, family obligations, and work. New theories from the field of developmental psychology indicate changes in the length and timing of the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and have proposed a new develo...Young volunteers - Utah; Volunteers - Utah2014-05
234 Pecchia-Beekum, AnnikaWho's got the pants?: breeching distinctions of power in restoration theatre and pre-hays code hollywoodIn the 1660s, after the Restoration of Charles II to the throne, female performers acted on stage for the first time, leading to increasingly sexualized female characters and investigations into gender roles. "Breeches" roles, where women cross-dressed, became progressively more popular, with actres...Cross-dressing - History; Cross-dressing in art; Gender & sexualities in minds & cultures2012-05
235 Pace, Andrew OldroysThe color of reprisal: The complex punishment of collaborators in postwar EuropeAs part of the grander program of postwar reconstruction and Denazification, Europe sought recriminations against the men and women in the occupied territories who had accommodated the Germans - obeyed them, worked for them, believed them, killed for them, or even those who had complied by looking t...Collaborationists - Europe; World War, 1939-1945 - Collaborationists - Europe2013-05
236 Little, Nancy AnnCharacterizing and mapping l(3)7E103 a gene required for Drosophila dorsal closureDorsal closure in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is a complex morphogenetic process dependent upon three embryonic tissues: the lateral epidermis, leading edge epidermis, and amnioserosa. Additionally, the Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) and Decapentaplegic (Dpp) signaling cascades are required f...Drosophila melanogaster - Genetics; Drosophila melanogaster - Embryology2013-05
237 Parker, BradenThe internet's informal influence on newspaper writing and presentationFor over two hundred years, newspapers served as America's primary text based news medium. That began to change in the 1990's with the advent of the internet. Today, newspapers compete with an expanding array of internet based news sources. This competition has caused some newspapers to fail and oth...Newspapers - United States; Writing - Technique; Writing - Technological innovations2012-01
238 Parker, DwightFrom the margins to the middle: a patient-centered approach to primary care for refugees in UtahIn a country where even English-speaking minorities are often at a disadvantage, refugees' circumstances - especially as a result of social instability, language and cultural differences, level of education, and income - can render the American health care system frightening, inaccessible, incompreh...Immigrants - United States; Health care - United States2012-05
239 Macura, ZeljkaThe influence of virtual others on judgments of self passageIndividuals perceive their ability to act in the environment, termed affordances, by evaluating the relationship between their own capabilities and dimensions and the properties of the environmental objects and surfaces that surround them (Gibson, 1979/1986, Richardson, Marsh & Baron, 2007; Ishak, A...Cognitive psychology; Visual perception; Other (Philosophy)2013-05
240 Mendenhall, MorganThe preparedness of college and university counseling centers in meeting the needs of student veteransThe current study assesses counseling centers on college and university campuses in their dealings with student veteran clients in a national sample (N=33) of college center directors. The National Center for Veterans Studies sponsored the study, and a total of 200 counseling center directors were a...Counseling in higher education - United States; Veterans - Counseling - United States2013-04
241 Santos, Jean Paul DytiocoFlight control systems with optimal effector allocation accounting for load constraintsThis paper describes the development of quadratic optimization algorithms to be used in flight control systems; such optimization algorithms aid in distributing control efforts among available actuators to produce forces to keep aircraft stable and in flight. With the advancement of computing power,...Flight control; Algorithms2013-05
242 Fan, HuijunExamination of Y-Deterium isotope effects for the solvolysis of model isoprenoid compoundsModel isoprenoid compounds can undergo two distinct pathways, dissociative or associative nucleophilic substitution depending on the conditions used. The dissociative pathway consists of two steps, involving a carbocation intermediate where the formation of that carbocation is rate determining. The ...Isopentenoids; Solvolysis; Deuterium - Isotopes2012-05
243 Farrall, NicholasStructural characterization of the full-length exocyst complex by transmission electron cryo-microscopyThe exocyst is a conserved octameric protein complex in eukaryotes that is essential for tethering and fusion of vesicles to the plasma membrane. Composed of eight subunits, it is essential for growth, secretion, and developmental processes and has been implicated in cell motility, autophagy, cell d...Saccaromyces cerevisaie - Cytology; Cryomiscroscopy - Research2014-05
244 Hardy, Clinton J.Adolescent perception of negative admission pressures and affective reactions in outdoor behavioral healthcareThis represents the first empirical inquiry into the perception of negative admission pressures (P-NAPs; e.g., perception of force or threat associated with entering treatment) among adolescents. Prior to this report, P-NAPs had only been studied within adult treatment contexts. In this study, P-NAP...Adventure therapy for teenagers - Psychological aspect; Teenagers - Counseling of2014-04
245 Hanley, GraceHow engaging in mind-focused or body-focused Eastern practices affects the way people narrate challenging eventsYoga and meditation could influence how individuals mentally process and narrate their difficult experiences from the past. Specifically, such practices could result in increased exploration, growth, and positive resolution in narratives, compared to neutral conditions. Past researchers have employe...Narration (Rhetoric) - Psychological aspects; Mediation - Therapeutic use; Yoga - Therapeutic use2014-05
246 Burns, HenrikThe political economy of international terms of trade and agricultural sustainability: The case of CubaFor this thesis project I investigated the relationship between international terms of trade and agricultural sustainability for the case of Cuba. To understand the effect of trade relations on agricultural policy I explored Cuba's relationship with the Soviet Union, its largest trading partner betw...Trade regulation - Cuba; Agriculture and state - Cuba; Cuba - Commerce2014-05
247 Egan, DerekCoordinating humanitarian operationsHumanitarian operations are critical for saving human life and mitigating financial damages. Natural disasters cause a large demand for humanitarian relief within the United States of America, and create a need for coordination between and within governmental and non-governmental organizations in or...Humanitarian assistance - United States; Disaster relief - United States; Emergency management - United States2014-05
248 Chan, Ka HoA survey of exchange rate systems with focus on currency boards and on Hong Kong's experience in particularThe choice of an exchange rate regime can make or break a regional economy. While a stable currency is useful to businesses, exchange rate flexibility also has its proponents. This thesis will first describe a brief history of exchange rate systems. Then, it will provide a survey and analysis of the...Foreign exchange rates - China - Hong Kong; Currency boards - China - Hong Kong2014-05
249 Fullmer, Alexander T.Optimization of gamma/hadron separation under variable source intensities and energy spectraThe High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) gamma-ray observatory consists of an array of water Cherenkov tanks that can detect extensive air showers (EAS) generated by astrophysical cosmic rays and gamma rays. One of the greatest challenges in using the HAWC observatory to search for astrophysical gam...Gamma ra sources - Observations; Cosmic rays - Observations; Gamma ray astronomy - Research2014-05
250 Sánchez, Alexander AlbertoReexamining global drug eradication policies: A systemic analysis of their ecological and societal effects in Mexico, Colombia and AfghanistanSince 1961, the U.N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs has continued to be the overarching treaty that has been followed and enforced, as a prohibitionist international drug control model. By conducting a systematic review of primary and secondary sources, this paper demonstrates how U.N. establis...Drug control -- Mexico; Drug control -- Colombia; Drug control -- Afghanistan2015-04
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