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226 Matyi, Joshua MatthewIntelligence and neural activation : a test of the relationship between the neural efficiency hypothesis and repetition suppressionThe Neural Efficiency Hypothesis (NEH) states that individuals with higher measured intelligence exhibit less neural activation on relatively simple tasks compared to those with lower intelligence (Haier et al., 1988). Furthermore, this phenomenon may interact with repetition suppression, or the red...Intelligence levels - Physiological aspects; Neural networks (Neurobiology)2014-05
227 Laubacher, SamanthaInternational Comparisons in Education: the Finnish ModelInternational comparisons in education can be used as a baseline to see how a country is doing in comparison with education systems across countries. Performance analyses are essential when looking to inform or modify existing policies. In this research, I compare the educational system of the Uni...International comparisons - United States; International comparisons - Finland2016-08
228 Aryaeinejad, KateiraInternational organizations, intrastate conflict, and humanitarian intervention: Determinants of successThe objective of this research project is to determine which specific organizational structures and characteristics increase the likelihood that a humanitarian intervention will occur and result in success. With that goal in mind, I develop two main hypotheses which I then test against carefully cho...Humanitarian intervention; Security, International2013-05
229 Parker, BradenThe internet's informal influence on newspaper writing and presentationFor over two hundred years, newspapers served as America's primary text based news medium. That began to change in the 1990's with the advent of the internet. Today, newspapers compete with an expanding array of internet based news sources. This competition has caused some newspapers to fail and oth...Newspapers - United States; Writing - Technique; Writing - Technological innovations2012-01
230 Heman, ClaireIntersectionsThis creative thesis explores the intersections of identity, gender, and sexuality, relevant topics in our times of binary gender roles and pervasive heteronormative social structures. This thesis is divided into two parts: 1) an introductory essay to place the creative work in an existing conversat...Gender identity in literature; Sexual orientation in literature2015-08
231 Willis, Brendan M.Investigating the mediational role of meaning making in the association between moral injury and well-beingMost people at some point in their lives will encounter a situation where they witness, perpetrate, or fail to stop an action that seriously violates their moral beliefs, events that have recently been termed moral injuries. Litz and colleagues (2009) proposed a theoretical framework that suggests s...Ethics - Psychological aspects; Mental health - Moral and ethical aspects2014-05
232 Tran, AmyInvestigating the strategic patterns in LBO fundsIn the mid-2000s, public-to-private transactions reappeared when the United States experienced a second leveraged buyout boom. Most sponsors are paid a management fee of 2% on the fund's capital and receive a carried interest of 20% of the profits realized by the fund. Two literature reviews serve a...Leveraged buyouts--United States--Finance2014-08
233 Zamantakis, AlithiaInvisible bodies: LGBTQIA youth in the juvenile legal systemScholars, such as Michelle Alexandra and Angela Y. Davis, and activists alike have begun to voice the inequitable conditions through which people of color are funneled into the prison industrial complex and laws are racially biased, so as to relegate people of color to a space of invisibility. It is...Juvenile justice, Administration of - United States; GLBTQIA youth2015-09
234 Rush, JacobIs it not just for me to do what i will with mine own? Redressing the egalitarian's pareto dilemmaIn this paper, I consider one justification for people's sincere, daily choices - G.A. Cohen's ethos of justice - that seeks to (a) discourage people from demanding incentives for choosing highly productive lines of work and (b) motivate them to do choose the most socially useful occupation. Cohen f...Pareto dilemma2014-05
235 Butler, Alexia Li AdairItaly: My catalystDuring the summer of 2012, I spent five weeks in Italy studying opera. That experience changed my life, but it also started me on a path of discovery and growth. When I returned I was filled with a desire to continue the trajectory of learning that had been set during those weeks. Through the Honors...Singing - Instruction and study - Italy; Americans - Italy2013-05
236 Goller, NicholasIterative game development: What goes into making an effective game and the lessons learned from making two gamesImagine you are told you have two semesters to make a game. You have a team of over ten people ready to help out. You even have the basic idea of what the game will be about. How hard can it be? Well, it is not that hard to make "a game" in two semesters. A competent coder can hack together a game...Computer games - Design2016-04
237 Ehmann, KyleeJane Austen's realism revisited: Pride & Prejudice, Emma and Sanditon in the digital ageThere are hundreds of film, television and book adaptations of Jane Austen's novels in the world, all different retellings and interpretations of the original source texts. And while these adaptations' quality is typically judged based on its fidelity to the original novels, this value judgement on...Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 - Criticism and interpretation2014-12
238 Schmid, CheyenneJoint position sense in knee osteoarthritic patientsOsteoarthritis (OA) is a slow progressing degenerative joint disease affecting approximately 10% of the United States population. The incidence of OA increases with age due to the continual loading of the knee joint throughout life and is one of the main causes of chronic pain and disability in the ...Knee -- Diseases -- Exercise therapy; Osteoarthritis; Joint position sense2014-08
239 Lewis, AlexJournaling as a central focus in the secondary classroomFor my thesis project, I have studied the role of journaling into a secondary language arts classroom. Everyone can learn about themselves through writing, and I have explored this idea further. We can learn a lot when we simply put our pens to paper and write what we already have within our minds,...Diaries - Authorship - Study and teaching (Secondary); Creative writing (Secondary education)2013-04
240 Falde, SamanthaKalashnikov enculturation: The Soviet contribution to small arms proliferation and the disintegration of the non-state thresholdThe purpose of this paper is to closely examine the legacy of the policies and actions taken by the Soviet Union during the Cold War in order to determine its contributions to current levels of small arms and light weapons (SALW) proliferation around the globe. This examination confirms as reality t...Arms transfers Arms transfers -- Political aspects Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- 1945-1991 Small arms proliferation Kalashnikov culture
241 Norris, GarrettKanji education for non-Chinese character background language learners: bone oracle script and Shirakawa kanji scienceThe logographic writing system used in Japanese and Chinese, known as kanji or hanzi /H ^ respectively, is a source of both fascination and frustration for students faced with learning the thousands of characters necessary for literacy in either of these Asian languages. This is often compounded by ...Kanji - education2014-05
242 Rush, JacobThe Kantian concept of the person, rationality and Socrates' deathIn this paper, I consider Socrates' death sentence in The Apology and his choice to accept his death sentence in The Crito. I structure his choice in a Kantian manner. First, I argue that Socrates has a duty to himself, as a rational agent, to (a) act as a promisekeeping individual and (b) perform t...Socrates - Death and burial; Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1824 - Ethics2014-05
243 Murray, ClintKeynes as theorist and investorThere is an abundance of literature that extensively explicates how various factors, notably probability theory, influenced John Maynard Keynes's thinking and economic theories in regards to the behavior of financial markets and the agents making decisions in those markets. Commentators, however, ha...Keynes, John Maynard, 1883-1946 - Criticism and interpretation2016-04
244 Haxhiu, ElirdThe labor market implications of unification between Albania and KosovoThis paper estimates the impact that political unification between the currently independent states of Albania and Kosovo would have on the labor markets in each country. Specifically, it analyzes and quantifies by analogy the propensity of workers in Kosovo to migrate to Albania seeking employment ...Albania - Economic conditions; Kosovo (Republic) - Economic conditions2014-04
245 Loveland, JessicaLearning styles of teachers and students in a second language classroomsThe general research questions for this research study are concerned with learning styles and whether differences in student and teacher learning styles negatively impact students' perceived grades in second and foreign language classrooms. Participants were asked to take a 30-minute online question...Learning - Evaluation - Case Studies; Learning styles - Students; Learning styles - Teachers
246 Jarvis, Amanda N.Leftists as political opposition in IranIt's still commonly believed that a theocratic dictatorship was the inevitable conclusion of the 1979 Iranian Revolution due to decades of authoritarian secularization and westernization alienating the population. Scholarship reflecting the ad hoc nature of the Revolution and diversity of participan...Right and left (Political science) -- Iran; Opposition (Political science) -- Iran; Iran -- Politics and government -- 1925-1979
247 Webb, AndrewLegal instability and societal breakdown in La mort le roi ArturThe death of King Arthur and the twilight of his empire are attributed by many scholars to the adulterous love affair between Queen Guinevere and Lancelot. Indeed their adulterous relationship seems to set off a chain of events that leads to the inglorious demise of almost all of the Knights of the ...Legend of King Arthur; Arthurian law1991
248 Giannopoulos, DionaLet be: A novelDiona Giannopoulos' novel Let Be is the story of 26-year-old Zoe, who after abandoning her family nearly seven years prior, returns home to discover her childhood house the exact same, her sisters barely changed, and her previously alcoholic father showing the beginning signs of Alzheimer's Disease....American fiction -- 21st century2015-04
249 Foott, BettymayaLight pollution hazards within ecosystems and mitigation strategies for the futureLight Pollution is a phenomenon caused by poor lighting design, and is increasing globally. Only recently are scientists beginning to fully understand how light pollution affects humans and the environment. Birds, which play an important role in our ecosystem, are vulnerable to light pollution effec...Light pollution Lighting -- Environmental aspects2015-05
250 Smith, ToniLove, and 1,138 other reasons to marryAs the lesbian daughter of a lesbian mother growing up in the rural American west in the 1980s I was acutely aware that the law did not exist to protect my family. We were "those people." The definition of "those people" has changed over time in our country. We have been (among others) slaves, imm...Same-sex marriage - Law and legislation - United States2016-04
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