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226 Owens, Nicholas AndrewMethods for the Improved Detection of Tuberculosis Biomarkers with an Emphasis Towards Point-of-Need DiagnosticsThe effective diagnosis of infectious diseases, like tuberculosis (TB), through the detection of biomarkers indicative of active infection, continues to challenge the scientific community. Due to the consistently high burden of disease in low-income economies, there has been a renewed interest to tr...Bioengineering; Analytical chemistry; Biomedical engineering2017
227 McKown, Hayley B.The Effect of Physical Education Teacher Physical Appearance on Student Physical ActivityThe purpose of this study was to examine how perceptions of a physical educator's physical appearance affected student physical activity levels through the use of pedometers. It was hypothesized that students with a fit-appearing teacher would have higher step counts than students with an overweight...Physical education; Elementary education; Kinesiology2017
228 Graetzer, Daniel GuntherThermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and metabolic dynamics during prolonged cycling in normoconvective and hyperconvective environmentsTwelve competitive cyclists performed 90-minute cycling bouts at 70% Vo2max in normoconvestive (wind speed, <.2 mps) and hyperconvective (wind speed, 4.05 mps) environments with a controlled ambient temperature and humidity. Repeated measures ANOVA (R < .005) revealed that rectal temperature was hig...Cycling -- Physiological aspects1993
229 Jones, Joshua PrestionComplex Coacervates as Liquid Embolic Agents with a Novel Ionic Strength Dependent Setting MechanismIn a transcatheter embolization procedure, an embolic agent is delivered locally via a microcatheter to obstruct blood flow in a blood vessel or vascular bed. These interventional radiology procedures are used to treat vascular abnormalities, hemorrhage, and neoplastic growths. Current embolization ...Bioengineering; Polymer chemistry2017
230 Karsy, Michael A.The role of hypoxia inducible factor 1 (HIF 1) in the radioresistance of meningiomasMeningiomas are the most common primary brain tumors, accounting for 36.6% of all tumors with ∼20,000 cases annually in the U.S. Although 65-80% of cases are benign (World Health Organization [WHO] Grade I), recurrence over a long period can be seen, especially for subtotal resections and higher-g...Bioengineering; Neurosciences; Medicine; Physiology; Oncology2017
231 Huang, ZheHydrolysis of titanic acid in hydrochloric acid solution for synthesis of tio2 powder with controlled particle size: processes, morphology, and kinetics studyA method for producing pure titanium dioxide with controlled particle size and morphology has been developed. The TiO2 powder produced by this method can be used as the starting material to produce pure Ti metal powder. In this method, the upgraded Ti-slag (UGS) is used as the starting material. Up...Materials science2017
232 Han, MuranThree-dimensional inversion of airborne ztem and airmt dataIn this thesis, an interpretation technique is developed and presented for two new airborne geophysical methods which are used for measuring natural magnetic fields: ZTEM and AirMt. The z-axis tipper electromagnetic (ZTEM) system measures the fields of natural audio-frequency sources using an airbor...2017
233 Huang, Wei-ChaoNovel nongenetic allele-specific expression in the mammalian brainMost genes in a diploid organism are thought to be expressed and regulated equally by the two parental alleles. However, a subset of genes referred to as monoallelically-expressed genes are expressed preferentially only on the maternal or pater...2017
234 Hasan, NazmulTunable-focus microfluidic lenses for smart eyeglassesRefractive errors of vision are very common in all human beings, namely myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Worldwide, over 1 billion people were estimated to suffer from presbyopia with around 410 million of them suffering from near vision loss. The result of refractive errors is blurre...Ophthalmology; Electrical engineering; Optics2017
235 Goldman, Sarah JillLate referral for autism assessement: an investigation of adolescents and young adults admitted to a psychiatric hospitalThis study explored the characteristics of adolescents and young adults referred for testing to rule out Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) while admitted to a psychiatric hospital for inpatient or day treatment between 2012 and 2017. Data regarding social-developmental, psychiatric, and ASD-symptom var...Psychology; Clinical psychology2017
236 Greenhall, JohnThree-dimensional printing engineered materials via integration of ultrasound directed self-assembly with stereolithographyEngineered materials consisting of nano- or microparticles embedded in a matrix material may exhibit unique physical properties that are attributed to the specific type, geometry, and spatial pattern of the particles. However, existing techniques for fabricating such engineered materials are limited...Robotics; Acoustics2017
237 Freckleton, K. BeauwenA preliminary analysis of the ability of a potential orthotic device to reduce and mitigate shoe slipThis research explores the potential for an "intelligent" orthotic shoe sole to negate, or minimize, longitudinal slip by momentarily increasing friction force. The conceptual device takes the form of a rubberized shoe sole containing pockets of air that can be released via valves controlled by a mi...Engineering; Robotics2017
238 Edwards, Anne VictoriaEfforts toward the synthesis of NA22598A1 and the investigation of its mechanism of actionNA22598A1 is a unique carbamoylated cyclic guanidine with a diol skipped diamine dipeptide. It was shown to have antimetastatic activity against DLD-1 colon cancer cells with an IC50 of 0.32 µM, but the absolute stereochemistry has yet to be confirmed. Guadinomine B is also a carbamoylated cyclic g...Chemistry; Organic chemistry2017
239 Epstein, Daniel JonathanAn investigation of masked facial affect in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder using electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imagingThe research detailed within this dissertation investigates the neurobiological changes associated with emotional processing of backward masked emotional faces in veterans with and without posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD affects millions of Americans, including approximately 20% of vetera...Neurosciences; Clinical psychology; Military studies2017
240 Eshagh, HaniehEvaluation of a simple computational fluid dynamics (CFD) urban wind model in a complex vegetated urban areaWhile it is well accepted that modeling of vegetation in urban areas is important for simulating urban microclimate, most well-known urban models have neglected vegetation, particularly explicit modeling of vegetation elements such as trees. In this study, we quantitatively evaluate mean wind fields...Fluid mechanics; Mechanical engineering; Environmental engineering2017
241 Deka, RishirajBenzodiazepines, Health Services Utilization, and Suicide in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress DisorderPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a trauma and stressor-related disorder that occurs after exposure to a traumatic event. Veterans are at the greatest risk of developing PTSD. Although benzodiazepines are not recommended for the treatment of PTSD, they are still commonly prescribed to veterans...Public health; Epidemiology2017
242 Diaz, Virginia M.Dissolvable Conductive Polymers for Electrochemical Energy StorageElectrochemical capacitors, or "supercapacitors", are an electrochemical energy storage technology with high-power density and long cycle life compared to batteries. Supercapacitors have many promising applications in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, consumer electronics, environmental s...Mechanical engineering2017
243 Coates, Rebecca AnnStructural and Thermochemical Investigations of Multiply Charged Transition Metal Ion Complexes with Water and with Amino AcidsGuided ion beam tandem mass spectrometry is used to obtain the kinetic energy dependent cross sections for collision-induced dissociation of hydrated transition metal complexes of Ni2+(H2O) x, x = 4 - 11, Co2+(H2O) x, x = 5 - 11, and CoOH+(H2O) x, x = 1 - 4. The resulting cross sections obtained for...Physical chemistry2017
244 Chaisoontornyotin, WattanaReversibility and Kinetic Precipitation of AsphaltenesAsphaltenes are one of the component fractions in crude oil and can destabilize due to a change of pressure, temperature, or composition. Destabilized asphaltenes can precipitate and deposit, causing numerous problems and challenges during oil production and processing such as plugging, fouling, and...Chemical engineering2017
245 Chahal, SimranManagement of Nutrients at Central Valley Water Reclamation FacilityActivated sludge process (ASP) is the most common method for wastewater treatment of domestic wastewater. In ASP, a consortium of microbes is used to consume different contaminants of concern using redox chemistry in which case, microbes gain energy through substrate partitioning. The main contamina...Water Resource Management2017
246 Bartlow, Andrew WilliamEcological Factors Influencing Community Structure of Parasites and Their HostsUnderstanding patterns and processes underlying the structure and assembly of ecological communities is a major goal of ecology. Community assembly involves a balance between dispersal events and interactions with biotic and abiotic elements that make up the local environment. Determining which proc...Biology; Ecology; Parasitology2017
247 Bloom, Rosaleen DugganPatients' and Caregivers' Experience of Social Support on CaringBridgeFamily caregivers to cancer patients face stresses and burdens that may be buffered by receiving social support, and social media may provide a forum to receive support. Little research has examined how caregivers share their experiences on social media, however, and how this disclosure affects the ...Nursing; Web Studies; Oncology2017
248 Balasubramanian, AbhiramTowards a Fast NVMe Layer for a Decomposed KernelOperating system (OS) kernel extensions, particularly device drivers, are one of the primary sources of vulnerabilities in commodity OS kernels. Vulnerabilities in driver code are often exploited by attackers, leading to attacks like privilege escalation, denial-of-service, and arbitrary code execut...Computer science2017
249 Allahham, Jafar TalalValidation of In-Situ Microwave Moisture Meter for Sand and ConcreteThe moisture content in civil engineering materials determines many of the structural properties of the material such as strength and durability. In geotechnical engineering, the moisture content of soil deposits determines their susceptibility to landslides and settling. In structural engineering, ...Civil engineering2017
250 Atzeni, SimoneLow Overhead Data Race Detection Techniques for Large OpenMP ApplicationsHigh Performance Computing (HPC) on-node parallelism is of extreme importance to guarantee and maintain scalability across large clusters of hundreds of thousands of multicore nodes. HPC programming is dominated by the hybrid model "MPI + X", with MPI to exploit the parallelism across the nodes, and...Computer science2017
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