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226 Mothers' educational expectations prior to the births of their childrenParents' educational expectations for their children have been found to significantly correlate with academic achievement. The causes of these correlations, however, are somewhat unclear. Some research suggests that parents' expectations are the product of parents' personal background variables. Oth...Aspirations; Education; Expectations; Involvement; Mothers; Parents2011-08
227 Psychometric construction and validation of a measure of positive agingGerontological research has expanded as human life expectancy has increased. Constructs have been created to capture the aging process and appear in the research literature as pathological aging, normal aging, usual aging, successful aging, and positive aging. Pathological aging described aging as ...Assessment; Measure; Positive aging; Psychometric; Validity2011-12
228 Systematic behavioral change in Utah schoolsIn an extension of research demonstrating the need for systematic behavioral change through intervention in public schools, the present study explored effects of positive behavior interventions and supports for improved student performance and reduced reactionary management for school staff. Distri...Behavior; Fidelity of implementation; PBIS; Positive reinforcement; Reform; Schoolwide2011-08
229 Unveiling the veiled and veiling the unveiled: revealing the underlying linguistic ideologies and their impact on Persian language loss and maintenance among second-generation Iranian-American college studentsThis study adopted an interpretive/qualitative methodology to explore the issues and challenges of developing and maintaining Persian/Farsi as a heritage language in homes and neighborhoods for second-generation Iranian-American youth living in a major US metropolitan area with a sizable concentrati...Iranian-American; Language; Language loss; Language maintenance; Persian-American2010-08
230 Reading comprehension assessments: effect of epistemic beliefs on text; availability and question typeThis study used Kintsch's Construction Integration (CI) Model as a context; for investigating reading comprehension assessment and its relationship to epistemic beliefs. Specifically, questions tied to levels of representation delineated in the CI model were used to investigate how individual differ...Assessments; Epistemic beliefs; Individual differences; Reading; Test structure2011-08
231 The hijacking of higher education for women in postwelfare America: a study of underserved and invisible low-income mothers on campusThis research addressed the problem of women in welfare accessing higher education at Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah. Gendered and entrenched patriarchal systems dominate institutional practice throughout the Department of Workforce Services (DWS), the agency that distributes...American dream; Gender stratification; Policy construction; Poverty and class issues; Welfare analysis2011-11
232 Technology and teacher education: is technology professional development meeting the needs of English teachers?The definition of a ?traditional? classroom has undergone a significant change in the last few decades. The classroom of today in the 21st century provides much more technologically advanced tools. With the rapid advancements made in educational technology every year, teachers have had to learn to c...Change theory; English teachers; Influence of school administration; Professional development; Technology improvements; Uses of technology in the classroom2010-08
233 Examining text types in adolescent literature anthologiesGiven that one-fourth of eighth graders in U.S. public schools are unable to read for information with proficiency, the need for middle school students to be exposed to informational texts is of great importance, particularly as students need these skills in order to be successful in school and soci...Informational text; Literature anthologies; Text types; Middle school education; Reading instruction; Anthologies2010
234 Evidence-based practice in online higher education: an exploratory study of the online policies and practices of United States doctoral/research-extensive universitiesThe availability of online education in universities and colleges across the nation has significantly increased during the past decade. The increase has been due in part to recent federal policy changes authorizing access to financial aid for online higher education students. The dramatic growth in ...Computer-assisted instruction; Education Policy; Educational technology; Higher education; Online instruction; Graduate studies; Quality of education2010-08
235 Taekwondo instructors' experience of counseling their students: a survey of Dojangs in the United StatesAnecdotal evidence from within the Taekwondo community supports the idea that Taekwondo instructors often interact with their students on topics of intra- and interpersonal concern. These interactions can be construed as informal counseling or informal helping. This study examines the frequency and...Tae kwon do; Counseling2008-12
236 Predictors of attrition in older users of a home-based monitoring and health information delivery systemThe present study examined the predictors of discontinuation from a home telehealth program designed to provide a patient centered approach to symptom management for older adult veterans. Data from 132 veterans were collected and analyzed through the Care Coordination/Home Telehealth program at the...Aging; Telehealth; Veteran2010
237 Predicting meaningful employment for refugees: the influence of personal characteristics and developmental factors on employment status and hourly wagesThe purpose of this study was to examine refugee personal characteristics and developmental factors as predictors of meaningful work for refugees 6 months after their arrival in the United States. This study defines meaningful work as work that provides an adequate living wage and is in a nonreme...Refugee employment2009-12-14
238 Promoting parental awareness and knowledge of schoolwide interventions through web-based technologyThis study examined parent-rated effectiveness and acceptability of a Webbased bullying prevention and identification program for parents of fourth- and fifth grade students. Participants included 60 parents and their children in the fourth and fifth grades. Participants were randomly assigned ei...Bullying in schools; Education2009-03-15
239 Not keeping up appearances? Mixed race Asian Americans and the use of racial languageThere has been a movement to proclaim that mixed race (biracial or multiracial) individuals transcend race or bring about an end to race and racism. In the U.S., many people also believe that they know race when they see it and that race can easily be pointed to, defined, and labeled. This langua...Racially mixed people; Categorization (Psychology)2009-05-18
240 Effectiveness and acceptability of a bully prevention program with and without video supplementsWith a growing number of children affected by bullying and an increased public awareness of the issue in recent years, bullying prevention programs are becoming more widespread in school settings. Student involvement in multimedia and technology is also increasingly widespread. Therefore, the questi...Bullying in schools2009-05
241 Mentoring the imagination: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth engaging and expanding mentoring in UtahThere has recently been a slow steady growth of formal mentoring programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. These mentoring programs provide resources, information, advice, assistance, and support to LGBTQ youth as they come out and develop LGBTQ identiti...Bakhtin; Mentoring; Narrative; Queer; Utah; Youth2010-12
242 Engagement of Adult Undergraduates: Insights from the National Survey of Student EngagementAdults are participating in all levels of higher education in increasing numbers due to a variety of societal, cultural, technological, and economic pressures. While many adult students attend 2-year colleges and technical institutions, 4-year colleges and universities are also enrolling substantia...Adult; Engagement; Persistence; Retention; Student; Undergraduate; Educational psychology; Higher education2010-08
243 Job satisfation among nursing-service personnelJob satisfaction is a concept frequently used in studies of workers in many occupations, including nurses, yet there had been considerable disagreement as to the actual meaning of the term. Studies of job satisfaction are marked by a general lack of attention in the exact nature of the concept, per...Manpower; Demographic Variables1972-08
244 Safety and trust are so sacred: a qualitative study of women clients in feminist multicultural therapyFeminist multicultural therapy is a therapeutic approach that combines principles and practices from multicultural counseling and feminist therapy. Multicultural counseling and feminist therapy were developed in response to increasing recognition that existing therapies repeated, during counseling, ...Client; Counseling; Feminist; Multicultural; Qualitative research; Therapy2010
245 Examination of how white adoptive parents racially socialize black/biracial adopteesThis dissertation was concerned with the efforts of White adoptive parents to promote enculturation and racial inculcation processes by helping their adopted Black children to develop a positive racial identity and strategies for effectively coping with racism. This dissertation study, drawing from...African American Studies; Social work; Individual & family studies; Ethnic studies; Whites; Adoption; Multiracial people2010
246 Discipline attributions and association with psychological functioning of childrenUse of physical discipline techniques can lead to harmful outcomes, not only physically, but also emotionally. Harsh discipline has been linked to internalizing disorders such as depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and shame. This study explored the attributions held by mothers and their children ...Corporal punishment of children, Utah,Salt Lake County; Mother and child, Utah, Salt Lake County;Child mental health, Utah, Salt Lake County2008-08
247 Partnership, student achievement, and parental involvement in a Utah elementary: multilevel growth curve and critical interpretive analysesThe primary purpose of this study was to understand if and how a partnership between a college of education at a large western university in the United States and a local urban elementary school affected parental involvement. This research also attempted to explore whether parental involvement affe...College awareness; Elementary education; Parental involvement; Partnership; Social justice; Student achievement2010
248 Development and validation of the concept-oriented reading instruction fidelity of implementation instrumentThe purpose of this study was to develop and validate an instrument that could be used by nonexperts of Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) to measure fidelity of implementation of CORI in upper elementary school and middle school classrooms. One junior high school teacher and two high scho...Concept-oriented reading instruction; CORI; Fidelity of implementation; Instrument; Motivation; Observation2010
249 How does preservice teachers' learning about learning theories influence their beliefs about learning?To date, there has not been much research that examines the relationship between a learning theory course and preservice teachers' beliefs about learning. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine how preservice teachers' learning about learning theories influences their beliefs about learning ...Beliefs about learning; Educational Psychology; course; Learning theories course; Preservice teachers' beliefs; Preservice teachers' learning2010-12
250 Study of parental factors affecting success or failure of Navajo Indian studentsOne of the problems facing Indian education in the United States is how to involve the Indian parents in the educational programs of their children. There is growing concern among governmental and tribal agencies about the task of involving Indian people in their own self-determination. Much res...Navajo Indians--Education; Parent and child1969-06
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