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226 Averill, Lynnette AstridBenchmarking dialectical behavior therapy for male veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: a pilot studyThis pilot study examined the application and effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as a treatment for male combat veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Participants (n=8) were recruited from the Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City Health Care System (VASLCHCS) after seeking...Dialectical behavior therapy; Post-traumatic stress disorder2008-07
227 Drennen, CharlainInvestigation of the phenomena of extrasensory perception using blind subjectsHundreds of years of probing into the secrets of the universe have given science much knowledge concerning the universe and the laws which govern it. And foremost in this probing have been the control and manipulation of the various phenomena which seem to be a product of the operation of these ...Paranormal phenomena; ESP; Blind1957-06
228 Elder, William BCenterfold syndrome: exploring the constructs of heterosexual male sexual self-schemasThis research made use of the schema framework of traditional male sexuality outlined by Brooks, including five central aspects of male heterosexuality referred to as "The Centerfold Syndrome," namely, voyeurism, objectification, the need for validation, trophyism, and the fear of true intimacy. Usi...Heterosexual men2010-05
229 Ferrara, Lisa AnnCan multimedia pretraining promote deep learning with interactive technologies?This study explored how educational technology can help students learn and retain information. Specifically, it addressed whether multimedia pretraining can encourage deep learning with intelligent tutors. Students were pretrained on two geometry theorems and then practiced problem solving in the...Educational technology; Geometry2009-06-17
230 Hoover, Stephanie MarieWomen's participation in an interview-based study on sexual assault disclosuresThe purpose of this study was to develop a conceptual model of women's experiences of participating in qualitative research on a traumatic topic, namely sexual assault. Prior literature addressed participants' motivations to participate in a study, their experience of participating, and the effects ...Rape victims; Interviewing; Rape--Research2010-08
231 Bruce, Peter A.Evidence-based practice in online higher education: an exploratory study of the online policies and practices of United States doctoral/research-extensive universitiesThe availability of online education in universities and colleges across the nation has significantly increased during the past decade. The increase has been due in part to recent federal policy changes authorizing access to financial aid for online higher education students. The dramatic growth in ...Internet in higher education; Computer-assisted instruction2010-08
232 Capps, RosemaryGrounded theory of adult student persistenceThis grounded theory study investigates adult student persistence at a community college. Student persistence in college is a prerequisite for degree achievement, which correlates with higher earnings and overall better quality of life. Persistence rates remain low for adult students, who combine th...Adult education
233 Franklin, Jeremy DavidMaking the subtle the obvious: underrepresentd students on a historically white camput and implications for institutional fit and stressAmid growing concern over the campus racial climate for historically marginalized populations on historically White college campuses, the current study examined how a student's institutional fit and sense of belonging is affected by stress. Secondary data from a section of the Survey of College Adj...Minorities; Discrimination in higher education;United States2008-12
234 Radley, III Keith C.Superhero social skills for children with autism spectrum disorders: comparing video-based instruction to traditional didactic instructionThe current study compared the efficacy of video-based social skills instruction for children with autism to traditional didactic instruction of social skills. The study consisted of two separate social skills groups. Two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and two typically developing same...2010-05
235 Abousleman, Tamara MarieSafety and trust are so sacred: a qualitative study of women clients in feminist multicultural therapyFeminist multicultural therapy is a therapeutic approach that combines principles and practices from multicultural counseling and feminist therapy. Multicultural counseling and feminist therapy were developed in response to increasing recognition that existing therapies repeated, during counseling, ...Client; Counseling; Feminist; Multicultural; Qualitative research; Therapy2010
236 Davey, Carla MaePredicting college student success: a historical and predictive examination of high school activities and accomplishmentsAccording to generational theorists, the interests and experiences of incoming students have fluctuated over time, with Millennial students being more engaged and accomplished than their predecessors. This project explored data from 1974-2007 to determine the actual trends in engagement and accompli...Student activities; United States; Academic achievement; College preparation programs2010-08
237 Goldy, Lisa MarieIncreasing functional communication skills in childen with autism: a meta-analysisA plethora of research exists regarding various teaching techniques and interventions for autism. By consolidating and analyzing the available research, effective interventions may be identified which can help lead to better practices. Parents, teachers, clinicians, and care providers, in additio...Hierarchical Linear Modeling; Total communication interventions2009-05
238 Southerland, J. NathanielEngagement of Adult Undergraduates: Insights from the National Survey of Student EngagementAdults are participating in all levels of higher education in increasing numbers due to a variety of societal, cultural, technological, and economic pressures. While many adult students attend 2-year colleges and technical institutions, 4-year colleges and universities are also enrolling substantia...Adult; Engagement; Persistence; Retention; Student; Undergraduate2010-08
239 Bradford, Melissa AnnDiscipline attributions and association with psychological functioning of childrenUse of physical discipline techniques can lead to harmful outcomes, not only physically, but also emotionally. Harsh discipline has been linked to internalizing disorders such as depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and shame. This study explored the attributions held by mothers and their children ...Corporal punishment of children, Utah,Salt Lake County; Mother and child, Utah, Salt Lake County;Child mental health, Utah, Salt Lake County2008-08
240 Boncana, MohomodouPartnership, student achievement, and parental involvement in a Utah elementary: multilevel growth curve and critical interpretive analysesThe primary purpose of this study was to understand if and how a partnership between a college of education at a large western university in the United States and a local urban elementary school affected parental involvement. This research also attempted to explore whether parental involvement affe...College awareness; Elementary education; Parental involvement; Partnership; Social justice; Student achievement2010
241 Lucas, Colli RuthDevelopment and validation of the concept-oriented reading instruction fidelity of implementation instrumentThe purpose of this study was to develop and validate an instrument that could be used by nonexperts of Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) to measure fidelity of implementation of CORI in upper elementary school and middle school classrooms. One junior high school teacher and two high scho...Concept-oriented reading instruction; CORI; Fidelity of implementation; Instrument; Motivation; Observation2010
242 Chiang, Mei-TzuHow does preservice teachers' learning about learning theories influence their beliefs about learning?To date, there has not been much research that examines the relationship between a learning theory course and preservice teachers' beliefs about learning. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine how preservice teachers' learning about learning theories influences their beliefs about learning ...Beliefs about learning; Educational Psychology; course; Learning theories course; Preservice teachers' beliefs; Preservice teachers' learning2010-12
243 Tibbitts, Kent DStudy of parental factors affecting success or failure of Navajo Indian studentsOne of the problems facing Indian education in the United States is how to involve the Indian parents in the educational programs of their children. There is growing concern among governmental and tribal agencies about the task of involving Indian people in their own self-determination. Much res...Navajo Indians--Education; Parent and child1969-06
244 Proemmel, Elizabeth MichelleStage of change as a variable in career intervention outcome: an examination of a career courseStructured career counseling is generally beneficial for participants. However, there is not a clear understanding of what factors (e.g., intervention characteristics, client characteristics) contribute to the effectiveness of career counseling. Stage of Change is a specific client characteristic i...Vocational guidance; Occupations2010-05
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