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226 Castle or the tipi: rationalization or irrationality in the American economy1972-10Textir_uspace
227 After neoliberalism: empire, social democracy, or socialism?2004Textir_uspace
228 Guided group discussion and attitude change: the roles of normative and informational influence2008-03Textir_uspace
229 What is a cohort effect? Comparison of three statistical methods for modeling cohort effects in obesity prevalence in the United States, 1971-20062010Textir_uspace
230 Crisis management in Russia: overcoming institutional rigidity and resource constraints2002Textir_uspace
231 Genetic evidence for a Pleistocene population explosion1995Textir_uspace
232 Active life expectancy and functional limitations among older Cambodians: results from a 2004 survey2005Textir_uspace
233 China: six years after Tiananmen1996Textir_uspace
234 Family structure and voter turnout2006-09-19Textir_uspace
235 Community contributions to scholastic success2006-05Textir_uspace
236 Reported attitudes of Edmonton women towards abortion1976Textir_uspace
237 OSL chronologies for Aeolian activity in the context of lake-level fluctuations, drainage reorganization and glacial retreat, North-Central Minnesota2006Textir_uspace
238 Making the effort: the racial contours of Detroit's labor markets, 1920-19401995Textir_uspace
239 Disaggregating the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Academic Performance in a Veteran Sample2018Textir_etd
240 Microanalysis and functional typology of the Hogup Cave chipped stone tools1973-12Textir_etd
241 Gender differences in early childhood reading-related behaviors: evidence from observation and survey of children's engagement in reading and reading interactions2016Textir_etd
242 Politiques sociales, changements économiques et démographiques et vieillissement de la population canadienne : leurs interactions2003Textir_uspace
243 Military voting and the law: procedural and technological solutions to the ballot transit problem2007-01-12Textir_uspace
244 Living arrangements of older adults in the developing world: an analysis of DHS household surveys2001Textir_uspace
245 Different voices of gender: social recognition1997Textir_uspace
246 Internet voting in comparative perspective: the case of Estonia2009-07Textir_uspace
247 Evaluation of a cardiovascular display in a high fidelity simulator2003Textir_uspace
248 Medical culture and health politics: the Ontario debate1988Textir_uspace
249 Characteristics of Venezuelan school refusers toward the development of a high-risk profile1987Textir_uspace
250 Physiological measures2007Textir_uspace
226 - 250 of 1,048