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226 Letter, Captain Lafayette McLaws to Lieutenant Lucius L. Rich, December 16, 18601860-12-16wwdl_nehText
227 Catalogue of Specimens Collected by F.H. Cushing1881wwdl_nehText
228 Report of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers [Excerpt]1853wwdl_nehText
229 Children of the sun [Excerpt]1883wwdl_nehText
230 Letter, Frank Hamilton Cushing to Spencer F. Baird, dated November 6, 18791879-11-06wwdl_nehText
231 Missionaries, outlaws, and Indians: Taylor F. Ealy at Lincoln and Zuni, 1878-1881 [Excerpt]1984wwdl_nehText
232 Copy of a letter, Frank H. Cushing to Professor Baird and Major Powell, Zuni, January 13, 18811881-01-13wwdl_nehText
233 Indian Notes Volume One, Number One [Excerpt] Zuni Model1924-01wwdl_nehText
234 The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier 1883-1884 [Excerpt]1970wwdl_nehText
235 Letter, Robert J. Bauman to James Willard Shultz, dated August 15, 19191919-08-15wwdl_nehText
236 Map showing sites visited by Cushing expedition to Zuni area in New Mexico and Arizona1881-01wwdl_nehText
237 Albert Franklin Banta: Arizona Pioneer [Excerpt]1953-09wwdl_nehText
238 Second annual report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1880-'811883wwdl_nehText
239 Zuni and the Zunians [Excerpt]1881-04-18wwdl_nehText
240 Letter, Alexander M. Stephen to Frank Hamilton Cushing, dated December 15, 18831883-12-15wwdl_nehText
241 Newspapers and Periodicals of Arizona 1859-1911 [Excerpt]1950wwdl_nehText
242 The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier 1880-1882 [Excerpt]1966wwdl_nehText
243 Wah-to-yah and the Taos Trail [Excerpt]1974wwdl_nehText
244 Second Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1880-'81 [Excerpt]1883wwdl_nehText
245 Note from E. Richard Hart Papers Dated April 10, 19841984-04-10wwdl_nehText
246 The Ruins at Kiathuthlanna Eastern Arizona [Excerpt]1931wwdl_nehText
247 Zuni ritual poetry [Excerpt]1932wwdl_nehText
248 Zuni Detective1916-11wwdl_nehText
249 Indian Notes Volume 1, Number 1 [Excerpt] Motion Pictures at Zuni1924-01wwdl_nehText
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