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1 A comparison of Grillparzer's "Der Traum, Ein Leben" with Calderon's "La Vida es Sueno"Young, GeorgiaIn Calderon's !'Life is a Dream", Segismundo,the son of Basilio,king of Poland,has teen kept in a tower since his "birth, because,through astrology,his father has "been told that his son would become a tyrant* The king has arranged to leave his throne to Astolfo and Estrella,nephew and niece,who are...Modern Languages
2 Carlyle and Emerson and their philosophy of lifeFarnsworth, Florence LottAccording to Mr. Chesterton, "The most practical and important thing about a man is still his view of the universe. We think that for a landlady considering a lodger it is important to know his income, but still more important to know his philosophy. We think that for a general about to fight an ene...
3 A hybrid non-threaded run-to-run control and incorporation of multiphysics models into semiconductor virtual metrologyWang, ShijingIn order to ensure high production yield of semiconductor devices, it is desirable to characterize intermediate progress towards the final product by using metrology tools to acquire relevant measurements after each sequential processing step. The metrology data are commonly used in feedback and fee...Chemical Engineering
4 Educational impacts of discipline policies on Chicano students in Utah: a mixed-method critical race theory and latcrit analysisValles, Brenda GuadalupeFor many years public school discipline policies have been critiqued for their disproportionate racial/ethnic distribution. This study examines zero tolerance discipline policies including suspensions, expulsions, and related practices in two Utah school districts. This research expands on previous ...Educational Leadership & Policy
5 Can you expect the boss to be ethical? the effects of the boss' power and status on subordinates' trustSoderberg, Andrew T.In many organizations, the power an employee has is dependent on the position he/she holds within the organization. Whereas a great deal of research has examined the effects that power can have on those who possess it, this research examines how others perceive individuals who hold powerful position...School of Business
6 Sex ratio and women's aggressive competition in the outer islands of yapStone, Emily AnnImbalances in the number of men and women-the adult sex ratio-are related to patterns of marriage and reproduction cross-culturally. Specifically, a shortage of men is associated with more divorce, more children out of wedlock, and more short-term, casual relationships. There are two competing hypot...Anthropology
7 Our path unwinding: conversations and reflections on diversity through dialogueJefferson, Wazir SuniThis qualitative autoethnography has stemmed conceptually out of the increasing demand for dialogue processes in social justice and diversity education. This inquiry illustrates how an African American male graduate student and instructor reflected on semi-structured critical dialogue processes in a...Educational Leadership & Policy
8 The life of Orson SpencerSadler, Richard WallaceThe scope of this thesis is to trace the life and contributions of Orson Spencer, who lived during the first half of the 19th century. Early in his life he was a distinguished Baptist minister in the Mew England states, and he later became a prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...History
9 Promised valley: a design thesisQuittner, Clifford JamesThis thesis is the presentation of the designs for the stage settings and lighting of the production of Promised Valley, which was produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and performed in the Temple View Outdoor Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah, during the summer of 1969. The thes...Theatre
10 Social stories: an intervention tool to help decrease undesired behaviors in children with characteristics of autism spectrum disordersThompson, RobynAn adapted alternating treatment design was implemented to explore whether (a) a Social Story presented in a paper-based format was effective in decreasing undesired behaviors when compared to a no-intervention baseline condition, (b) a Social Story presented in a tablet computer-based format was ef...Special Education
11 Stage-gate contracts for new product developmentWang, ChunlinGiven the trend of globalization, more and more firms are outsourcing their Research and Development (R&D) projects to a second party overseas or domestically. Through outsourcing, firms not only save costs but also build strategic capabilities such as tapping global talents, building partnerships, ...School of Business
12 Community-affinity: measuring strength of memberships of nodes in network communitiesYadav, NitinDetecting community structure in networks has been a widely studied area. While most of the methods produce an exclusive membership of the nodes, the nodes in real-world networks tend to partially belong to more than one community. In this thesis, we study some methods that have been used to quantif...School of Computing
13 The new Mormon historyMarshall, Richard StephenProfessor Klaus J. Hansen has observed that "Mormonism in 1974 differs fundamentally from the Mormonism of 1890 even though no theoretical change in doctrine may have occurred."1 This fundamental difference is obvious to any person who has studied the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...History
14 Foreign direct investment and well-being, 1985-2010: a structural approachWinitzky-stephens, Jessica R.This paper examines the relationship between foreign direct investment and well-being in poor countries, as measured by life expectancy and child mortality. The effect of foreign direct investment on impoverished nations has long been the subject of debate in both economics and sociology. While much...Sociology
15 Computational modeling of the explosion and detonation of high explosivesBeckvermit, JacquelineThe detonation of hundreds of explosive devices from either a transportation or storage accident is an extremely dangerous event. Motivation for this work came from a transportation accident where a truck carrying 16,000 kg of seismic boosters overturned, caught fire and detonated. The damage was ca...Chemistry
16 The structural basis for molecular recognition of the capsid protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by human cyclophilin A.Vajdos, Felix Francis.The human protein, Cyclophilin A, is a member of a family of enzymes, known as peptidyl-prolyl isomerases, which catalyze cis-trans isomerization of proline peptide bonds. Because proline isomerization is a rate limiting step in the refolding of some proteins, Cyclophilin A has been widely believed ...Biochemistry
17 Retroviral capsid assembly.Ganser, Barbie Kay.During retroviral maturation, the viral CA protein oligomerizes to form a closed capsid that surrounds the viral genome. Interestingly, mature capsid morphologies vary dramatically across the different genera of retroviridae. Specifically, capsids can be conical, spherical, or cylindrical. Despite t...Biochemistry
18 A computer-based model for providing empiric antibiotic therapy in a hospital.Warner, Homer R.A new model for computer-based medical decision making, called QID for Quick Infectious Disease, is described. It is based on the principles of decision analysis, using probabilities and utilities. In this study, QID was applied to the problem of recognition and empiric treatment of hospital-acquire...Biomedical Informatics
19 Validity of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage and nephrectomy as biological procedures for determining fate and excretion of anticonvulsant drugs.Schiffman, Donald OwenCarbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage and nephrectomy are commonly used to determine the fate and excretion of anticonvulsant drugs. It is generally assumed that such alterations do not otherwise affect the response of the central nervous system to such drugs or to the tests employed to measure ...Pharmacology & Toxicology
20 Aspects of the ingestive and cytopeptic action of phagocytes.Gyi, Ko Ko.1. Total body x-irradiation of mice in doses of 300, 400, or 500 r does not affect the phagocytosis by reticuloendothelial cells of spleen of intravenously injected ThO2 when determined 2 day following x-irradiation. Similar studies carried out on the seventh post-irradiation day revealed (1) that ...Pathology
21 A Computerized data base resource for dermatoglyphics research.Anderson, Milton Winfield.The study of the ridged skin on the plantar and palmar surfaces of man is termed "dermatoglyphics" and has been the subject of various scientific investigations particularly in medicine and human genetics. Since the dermal configurations are completely determined by the fourth moth of gestation and...Biomedical Informatics
22 The Sulfur distributin of papain and related studies.Glazer, Alexander Namiot.In the General Introduction to this Thesis, it was pointed out that the work of previous investigators posed two major problems. The first of these is that of the two "missing" sulfur atoms, and the second, that of the chemical nature of the "active site" of papain. The results of the present inve...Biochemistry
23 The Design, development, implementation, and evaluation of a computerized anesthesia charting system.Wang, XiaodongA Computerized Anesthesia Charting System (CACS) was developed and implemented as an addition to the HELP hospital information system at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Instead of using the traditional manually recorded anesthesia record, the anesthesiologists charted using a computer terminal...Biomedical Informatics
24 Expanding the spectrum of autoimmunity induced with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein.Peterson, Lisa K.Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is an autoimmune model of MS, induced by sensitization with myelin proteins of their encephalitogenic peptides. Sensitization with amino acids 92-106 of m...Pathology
25 Hydrophilic-hydrophobic microphase-separated block copolymers: synthesis, characerization and blood compatibility.Grainger, David William.Two types of amphiphilic block copolymers--one containing repeating blocks of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and polystyrene (PS) and another containing poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS), PEO, and heparin (Hep)--were synthesized to examine the effects of hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance on blood compatibilit...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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