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1 A GPU-based maximal independent set aggregation strategy: algorithms, comparisons, and applications withing algebraic multigridThe algebraic multigrid (AMG) method is often used as a preconditioner in Krylov subspace solvers such as the conjugate gradient method. An AMG preconditioner hierarchically aggregates the degrees of freedom during the coarsening phase in order to eciently account for lower-frequency errors. Each de...GPU; Maximal independent set; Multigrid2014-08
2 A program logic and its application in fully verified software fault isolationTrusted computing base (TCB) of a computer system comprises components that must be trusted in order to support its security policy. Research communities have identified the well-known minimal TCB principle, namely, the TCB of a system should be as small as possible, so that it can be thoroughly exa...Software fault isolation; Trusted computing base; TCB; Hoare logic2012-08
3 Accent classification: learning a distrance metric over phonetic stringsPresently, speech recognition is gaining worldwide popularity in applications like Google Voice, speech-to-text reporter (speech-to-text transcription, video captioning, real-time transcriptions), hands-free computing, and video games. Research has been done for several years and many speech recogni...Accent classification; Distance metric learning; Kernels; Machine learning; Speech recognition; Swetha Machanavajhala2013-12
4 Accurate and interactive visualization of high-order finite element fieldsHigh-order finite element methods, using either the continuous or discontinuous Galerkin formulation, are becoming more popular in fields such as fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and computational electromagnetics. While the use of these methods is becoming increasingly common, there has not been a ...Cut surfaces; GPU programming; High-order finite elements; Visualization; Volume rendering2012-08
5 Advanced methods for controlling untethered magnetic devices using rotating magnetic fieldsThis dissertation presents results documenting advancements on the control of untethered magnetic devices, such as magnetic \microrobots" and magnetically actuated capsuleendoscopes, motivated by problems in minimally invasive medicine. This dissertationfocuses on applying rotating magnetic elds for...Capsule endoscopy; Magnetics; Medical robotics; Microrobotics2014-08
6 Algorithms and Coresets for Large-Scale Kernel SmoothingKernel smoothing provides a simple way of finding structures in data sets without the imposition of a parametric model, for example, nonparametric regression and density estimates. However, in many data-intensive applications, the data set could be large. Thus, evaluating a kernel density estimate o...Computer science2017
7 Analysis-aware higher order smooth three-dimensional representations: creation, simulation and visualizationVolumetric parameterization is an emerging field in computer graphics, where volumetric representations that have a semi-regular tensor-product structure are desired in applications such as three-dimensional (3D) texture mapping and physically-based simulation. At the same time, volumetric parameter...Analysis-aware; Finite elements; Geometric modeling; Isogeometric analysis; Visualization; Volumetric parameterization2012-05
8 Applications of spline manifolds to problems in modeling, rendering, and analysisWhile boundary representations, such as nonuniform rational B-spline (NURBS) surfaces, have traditionally well served the needs of the modeling community, they have not seen widespread adoption among the wider engineering discipline. There is a common perception that NURBS are slow to evaluate and c...computer-aided design; heterogeneous design; high-dimensional splines; radiance; spline approximation; volumetric splines2013-05
9 Coarse tetrahedral meshing for interactive simulationWe present a procedure for generating a coarse, high-quality, tetrahedral mesh whose exterior surface encloses and approximates a given triangle mesh. A tetrahedral mesh is useful for computing perturbation of the triangle mesh based on continuum mechanics: perturbation such as plastic flow, fractur...Animation; Meshing; Physics2013-05
10 CoGenE: an automated design framework for domain-specific architecturesThe embedded system space is characterized by a rapid evolution in the complexity and functionality of applications. In addition, the short time-to-market nature of the business motivates the use of programmable devices capable of meeting the conflicting constraints of low-energy, high-performance, ...Compilers; Computer architecture; Energy efficiency; Low power; Ray Tracing; Recognition2012-12
11 Computer Display of Curved SurfacesThis thesis attacks the ?roblem of generating computer synthesized images both more rapidly and more realistically. Increase in speed is achieved by a scan line based algorithm for drawing pictures of parametrically defined curved surfaces. Computation time is reduced by requiring calculation at onl...1978
12 Computer-assisted approaches to intrafascicular multielectrode stimulationMedical intervention to restore motor function lost due to injury, stroke, or disease is increasingly common. Recent research in this field, known as functional electrical stimulation (FES), has produced a new generation of electrode devices that greatly enhance selectivity of access to neural popul...Asynchronous interleaved multielectrode stimulation; Functional electrical stimulation; Interleaved stimulation; Multielectrode stimulation; Peripheral nerve; Utah slanted electrode array2014-05
13 Consistent feature extraction from vector fields: combinatorial representations and analysis under local reference framesWith modern computational resources rapidly advancing towards exascale, large-scale simulations useful for understanding natural and man-made phenomena are becoming in- creasingly accessible. As a result, the size and complexity of data representing such phenom- ena are also increasing, making the r...Data analysis; Scientific computing; Scientific visualization2015-05
14 Consistent representation of two-dimensional flowAnalysis and visualization of flow is an important part of many scientific endeavors. Computation of streamlines is fundamental to many of these analysis and visualization tasks. A streamline is the path a massless particle traces under the instantenous velocities of a given vector field. Flow data ...Data analysis; Discrete methods; Vector fields; Two-dimensional flow2012-08
15 CUDA-CHiLL: a programming language interface for GPGPU optimizations and code generationThe advent of the era of cheap and pervasive many-core and multicore parallel sys-tems has highlighted the disparity of the performance achieved between novice and expert developers targeting parallel architectures. This disparity is most notiable with software for running general purpose computatio...CUDA-CHiLL; Programming language interface; GPGPU; Code generation; Programming languages (Electronic computers) ; Graphics processing units ; Application program interfaces (Computer software)
16 Data placement for efficient main memory accessThe main memory system is a critical component of modern computer systems. Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) based memory designs dominate the industry due to mature device technology and low cost. These designs, however, face several challenges moving forward. These challenges arise due to legacy...Computer Architecture; DRAM memory management; Main memory; Operating system2013-05
17 Deformation embedding for point-based elastoplastic simulationWe present a straightforward, easy-to-implement, point-based approach for animating elastoplastic materials. The core idea of our approach is the introduction of embedded space-the least-squares best fit of the material's rest state into three dimensions. Together with plastic offsets that map embed...Computer science; Elastoplastic materials2012-08
18 Depth-Based Visualizations for Ensemble Data and GraphsEnsemble data sets appear in many domains, often as a result of a collection of solutions arising from the use of different parameters or initial conditions in simulations, measurement uncertainty associated with repeated measurements of a natural phenomenon, and inherent variability in natural or h...Computer science; Mathematics2018
19 The Design Activity Framework: Investigating the Data Visualization Design ProcessThis dissertation establishes a new visualization design process model devised to guide visualization designers in building more effective and useful visualization systems and tools. The novelty of this framework includes its flexibility for iteration, actionability for guiding visualization designe...Computer science; Design2017
20 Design and Optimization of Hardware Accelerators for Deep LearningDeep Neural Networks (DNNs) are the state-of-art solution in a growing number of tasks including computer vision, speech recognition, and genomics. However, DNNs are computationally expensive as they are carefully trained to extract and abstract features from raw data using multiple layers of neuron...Computer science2018
21 Designing efficient memory for future computing systemsThe computing landscape is undergoing a major change, primarily enabled by ubiquitous wireless networks and the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices which access a web-based information infrastructure. It is expected that most intensive computing may either happen in servers housed in large d...Computer science; Server infrastructure2012-05
22 Designing efficient memory schedulers for future systemsThe internet-based information infrastructure that has powered the growth of modern personal/mobile computing is composed of powerful, warehouse-scale computers or datacenters. These heavily subscribed datacenters perform data-processing jobs under intense quality of service guarantees. Further, hig...DRAM; Memory system; Scheduling2013-12
23 Detecting and mitigating malware in virtual appliancesSystem administrators use application-level knowledge to identify anomalies in virtual appliances (VAs) and to recover from them. This process can be automated through an anomaly detection and recovery system. In this thesis, we claim that application-level policies defined over kernel-level applica...Detection; Expert systems; Malware; Mitigation; Virtual appliance; Virtual machine introspection2014-12
24 Detecting and tracking human motion in variance-based radio tomography imagingCurrently, few methods exist to accurately model a human motion inside a monitored area. Most of the approaches that exist depend on some kind of boolean data from sensors that tell the presence or absence of person a at a given instant of time near a particular sensor. Using that information, some ...Blob Detection; OpenCV; Radio sensors; SVM2013-05
25 Deterministic systems analysisA modern software system is a composition of parts that are themselves highly complex: operating systems, middleware, libraries, servers, and so on. In principle, compositionality of interfaces means that we can understand any given module independently of the internal workings of other parts. In pr...Deterministic replay; Replay debugging; Xen2013-05
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