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1 John A. Widtsoe: Rational Apologist1977
2 A study of the Utilization of training services provided to female rehabilitants1969
3 The case conference: an evaluative studyThe main problem was to determine if the case conference hold by the Utah State Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) to evaluate welfare referrals was an effective diagnostic and prescriptive tool. (Phase I) Two secondary problems were also investigated: (1) to determine the characteristics of ...1971
4 Treatment of test anxious students by rational-emotive therapy, relaxation placebo and no-treatmentThirty undergraduate students reporting high levels of test anxiety were randomly assigned to one of three treatment conditions. Treatments included rational-emotive therapy (RET), which emphasized making S's aware of both their own anxiety-producing self-verbalizations and ways they might counter s...1977
5 Art teaching in the junior and senior high schools of UtahEvaluation of School Subjects There is a growing tendency to evaluate every part of the curriculum rather carefully and to give a prominent place to those subjects only which contribute most to the needs of good citizenship. Since a program of greater economy in education is being demanded it should...1922
6 The Social Problems of the Chinese in Salt Lake CountyTwenty one Chinese households were selected from the Salt Lake City Telephone Directory. Data was Collected through personal interviews, using an interview questionnaire designed by the investigator. The average Chinese household is larger than the average household in the State of Utah and of the ...1973
7 Complex and Simplex Melodies as Retrieval cues for High and Low Imagery, Aggressive or Neutral WordsA research project was undertaken to explore the effects of music on the recall of words rated on two dimensions; imagrey (high, low) and connotation (aggressive, neutral). Complex or simplex synthetic, 10-second duration, computer generated melodies (similar to those developed by Vitz, 1966) were u...1977
8 Sexual Identity and Self ConceptThe present study evaluated the relationships between components of sexual identity and self concept. The three components studies were sex, sex role orientation, and sexual object preference. One hundred sixty subjects participated, 40 each from male and fema.le homosexuals, and male and female het...1977
9 "Superheroes in the Resource Room": A Study Examining Implemention of the Superhero Social Skills Program by a Resource Teacher with Students with Externalizing Behavior ProblemsThe current study evaluated the effectiveness of the Superhero Social Skills program in increasing the social engagement skills and decreasing the aggressive behavior of students with externalizing behavior problems as implemented by a resource teacher. There have been no empirical evaluations of th...Educational psychology; Special education; Clinical psychology2012
10 Delivery of Applied Behavioral Intervention to Children in Rural Communities via Teleconsultation and the Rethink Autism Web-Based Video Treatment ProgramParents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) living in underserviced rural areas were provided with training based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through a combination of teleconsultation and the online Rethink Autism program. Primary study aims were gains in child behavior and parent...Disability studies; Educational psychology; Clinical psychology; Educational technology2017
11 A Forced Choice Method for Evaluating Instruction in Higher EducationStudent evaluations of teaching (SET) in higher education are ubiquitous. Many SETs utilize Likert-type scales and data from these evaluations are frequently used as data points in the retention, promotion, and tenure reviews of instructors. This makes them a high impact activity. Research has revea...Educational evaluation; Educational psychology; Higher education2017
12 Using Coaching as a Professional Development Tool to Train Staff in Behavior Management Techniques at a Therapeutic Summer Camp SettingTo ensure staff members implement interventions and empirically supported practices with fidelity, different methods of professional development are necessary. One theory designed to support staff is using a multitiered systems of support (MTSS) for professional development. MTSS for staff professio...Educational psychology; Industrial arts education; Disability studies2018
13 Baby Boomers' Perceptions of Body Image and Feelings of Self-WorthThere is limited literature regarding body image among aging adults. Although strides have been made in the last 2 decades to better understand aging women's body image, there continues to be only a small portion of literature looking at solely men or at both men and women. Furthermore, body image a...Aging; Psychology2018
14 Examining Sensory Experience Rating Effects During Reading Using Eye MovementsPrevious research suggests that words with higher Sensory Experience Ratings (SER) are associated with faster processing speeds. The goal of the current research was to determine if such SER effects are observed in more naturalistic reading contexts and, if they are, when in the time course of proce...Educational psychology2018
15 Effects of Check-In, Check-Out on Students with Internalizing Behaviors in the Elementary School SettingCheck-in, Check-Out (CICO) is a Tier 2 behavior evidence based intervention that is typically used to support students who are engaging in problem behaviors. CICO supports students in meeting school-wide behavior expectations by clearly defining behavior expectations, providing positive feedback thr...Behavioral psychology2018
16 Examining Predictors for College-Going among First-Generation High School StudentsFirst-generation students have the highest attrition rate of any underrepresented group in higher education, but are most likely to persist if they enroll at a 4-year institution. Few studies have compared the precollege characteristics of first-generation high school students who choose to enroll i...Counseling psychology; Secondary education2018
17 The Mormon response to early progressive education, 1892-1920This dissertation is an historical investigation of the Mormon response to progressive reform in Utah's schools between 1892 and 1920. It is limited to the educational thought and practice of church leaders and Mormon educators responsible for the church and public schools in Utah's three principal ...Mormons -- Education1977
18 Effects on school work productivity among emotionally disturbed boys : with the removal of a level system from a token economyThis study investigated the effects on learning achievement in reading, English, and mathematics among individuals enrolled in a day school for emotionally disturbed boys that was part of a children's psychiatric center of a children's hospital when a level system was removed from a token economy. T...Children with mental disabilities -- Education1976
19 The history of the Utah State School Boards Association and its function in Utah educationIn the early days of school board membership when the community and school district were small and comparatively isolated, the problems of the local school board were less complex and extensive. However, with the rapid growth of school enrollment and the tendency for interest in the schools to becom...Utah. State School Boards Association; School boards Education -- Utah1950
20 Evaluation of an elementary guidance programIn 1973, the Granite School District began an elementary guidance program which included the addition of full-tirrie counselors in three elementary schools. This program was intended to be developmental in nature and was supported by funds appropriated by the Utah State Legislature specifically for ...Granite School District (Utah) Counseling in elementary education -- Utah -- Salt Lake Cit1976
21 The relationship between high school academic achievement and future life satisfactionThe specific purpose of this research study was to investigate the relationship between high school academic achievement and future total life satisfaction. A second purpose was to investigate the relationship between IQ and future total life satisfaction. A third purpose was to investigate the rela...Academic achievement; Satisfaction1976
22 A comparison of the performance of Ute Indian and White children on verbal and non-verbal testsAs the American Indian has been crowded out of the thousands of acres required by his primitive methods of wresting a living from the earth, 1 t has gradually become apparent even to the Indian that he must adapt to the white man's culture or be gradually extinguished. Trends of the last several dec...Ute Children - Intelligence testing; Children - Intelligence testing1960
23 Secrete/d Pedagogies: Body Languaging and the Navigation of Traumatizing and Traumatized Space in the First-Year Composition ClassroomSecrete/d Pedagogy: Body Languaging and the Navigation of Traumatizing and Traumatized Space in the First-Year Composition Classroom, is an interdisciplinary exploration into the multimodal, multisensory phenomenon of languaging in and for schools. Beginning with an exploration into the forces that ...Rhetoric2018
24 Video Self-modeling with Elementary School Students Displaying Behavioral Engagement Deficits Due to Acquired Brain InjuryThe term "Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)" encompasses a wide range of noncongenital injuries, including stroke, brain surgery, and encephalitis, with traumatic brain injury (TBI) being most prominent in the research. TBI has been called a "silent epidemic," with an estimated 1.7 million new TBIs occurr...Educational psychology; Elementary education; Experimental psychology; Educational evaluation; Behavioral psychology2018
25 The predictive validity of on-the-job performance of policemen from recruitment selection informationIntercorrelations between 121 predictors and 29 job related criteria obtained from 114 Salt Lake City policemen were analyzed in order to determine the extent to which the predictors could account for the policemen's job performance. Predictor data consisted of 108 biographical items and 13 scales p...Police; Recruitin1970
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