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1 Bertelsen, BrandonWord of the wildMany people value and experience what the natural world has to offer and many people do not. The opportunities that exist outdoors include recreation, education, development, and therapy. Everything I do, school, work, volunteer, and play, is to better provide outdoor experiences for people of all...Outdoor life - Psychological aspects2014-12
2 Bennion, DavidValidation of force pedals for bilateral strength asymmetry testingOver 125,000 anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Rates of re-injury to the reconstructed ACL or contralateral ACL up to 49% have been reported in certain populations. Altered biomechanics-including bilateral asymmetry in knee extensor st...Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Surgery; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction - methods2014-12
3 Robinson, MercedesProfessional vs. nonprofessional exercise advice and injury correlations in campus recreation facility usersPurpose: Risk of injury, when participating in an exercise program, is always present; however when the exercise program is poorly designed or not designed for the individual, the risk of injury increases significantly. Poorly designed exercise programs stem from individuals seeking advice for exerc...Sports injuries2016-01
4 Lee, Alexis PearlShifting physical activity patterns among women: The historical and potential future impacts on pelvic floor and skeletal healthSuccesses in the battle for gender equality have helped empower women to become more physically active through exercise and sport in recent times than any other point in history, particularly since the passage of Title IX. As a result, many women are choosing programs of high intensity with impact, ...Exercise - Physiological aspects2016-04
5 Jimenez, Cecilia CardozoSocial-Emotional Problems in Toddlers: Relationship with Language Development and Autism RiskPurpose:Children with language delays are at increased risk for persistent difficulties such as language disorder, learning disability, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Further, the presence of a language delay may also indicate risk for social-emotional problems. However, research examining so...Language Development Disorders - in infancy & childhood2016-08
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