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1 Jensen, Trey W.Spectral evolution in high redshift quasars from the final boss sampleWe report on a study of the spectral variations in a sample of 102,150 quasars from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III). After mitigating selection effects and Malmquist bias over the redshift range 2:1 □ z □ 3:5, we create high...Quasars -- Spectra; Red shift -- Observations; Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey; Sloan Digital Sky Survey; Redshift evolution
2 Kooyman, MakaelynAlarm fatigue: An alarming situationAs the healthcare system of the United States continues to advance technologically, it seems that one cannot enter an intensive care unit (ICU) without being inundated with alarms from various monitors and pumps. Alarm fatigue, defined as the lack of response to an alarm due to sensory overload and...Patient monitoring - Nursing; Monitor alarms (Medicine); Nurses - Attitudes; Medical instruments and apparatus; Alarm reaction2014-12
3 Beams, AlexanderImplications of antibiotic use for co-infections when a fitness trade-off for resistance is presentHow much does indiscriminate antibiotic use promote the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections in a population? Assuming a fitness trade-off for resistance exists, it is possible for an antibiotic-vulnerable strain to outlast a resistant type within an untreated host carrying both. That means pru...Drug resistance in microorganisms -- Mathematical models Co-infections2015
4 McWhorter, Bryn A.A nuclear Iran: The economic, political, and social impetus behind negotiationsIn a shocking 2013 policy shift, the Islamic Republic of Iran entered into negotiations with the United Nations Security Council in an attempt to resolve the longstanding issue of the alleged militaristic components of its nuclear energy program. Following decades of hostile tensions with Western po...Nuclear nonproliferation -- Iran; Iran -- Politics and government -- 1997- Iran -- Foreign relations -- 1997-2015
5 Chandler, JuliaDialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and respiratory sinus arrhythmia: A preliminary investigation into the effects of mindfulness practice in a transdiagnostic clinical populationResearchers have shown that mindfulness based therapies, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), are effective treatments in trans-diagnostic clinical populations with emotion dysregulation. Researchers have yet to determine the effect of mindfulnessbased therapies on respiratory sinus arrhyth...Dialectical behavior therapy; Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy; Paranasal sinuses -- Diseases; Respiratory sinus arrhythmia2015-03
6 Nazarenko, ElenaCurrent and future financial wellbeing of old age Russian pensionersThis paper compares pensioners' income with cost of living and subsistence minimum level to gauge financial wellbeing of pensioners. Using data from Russia Longitudinal Monitoring survey (RLMS-HSE), I formally test whether pensioners' income covers the cost of living across five regions: Moscow, Sai...Old age pensions -- Russia; Retirees -- Russia -- Economic conditions2015-03
7 Boren, AlexQuestioning my answers: Exploring Cloud Atlas in relation to my B.U.S. degree, "Philosophy for Life"In my sophomore year, I wanted to choose courses that helped me question my answers. Choosing a traditional major felt too restrictive, so I created my own major through the Bachelor of University Studies program. Titled "Philosophy for Life," my major includes courses from 13 academic disciplines o...Mitchell, David (David Stephen). Cloud Atlas; Philosophy2015-04
8 Hanks, KelleyThe multinational company of Jesus: A modern corporation in the early modern world?There is significant debate concerning whether or not the Company of Jesus should be considered a modern corporation. There are those who support this view, such as Magnus Morner and C.R. Boxer, while others, such as Dauril Alden, are critical of it. Much of the debate is centered on the economic ac...Jesuits -- History2015-04
9 Allam, JeremyLow-energy satellite transfer from Earth to MarsA new type of satellite transfer that uses half the amount of fuel as conventional transfers has been discovered. This transfer, called a low-energy transfer, proved to work in 1991 when a Japanese satellite successfully went in orbit around the moon using this technique. Since then, more research h...Space vehicles -- Dynamics -- Mathematics Space flight to Mars -- Mathematics2015-04
10 Ferguson, Christina M.Marital status and distress among low-income couples transitioning to parenthoodThe transition to parenthood is associated with declines in couple relationship functioning and increases in psychological distress. Cohabiting and economically disadvantaged couples are at particular risk during this life transition. This study examined cohabitation as a potential risk factor for p...Couples -- Psychology2015-04
11 Ellingson, DrewBitangent lines to planar quartic curves in algebraic and tropical geometryBitangents are lines which are tangent to a curve at two points. The bitangents of a classical quartic are well understood, and a result originally due to Cayley tells us that there are always precisely 28 bitangents to a generic quartic plane curve. When looking at Tropical Geometry, the situation ...Tropical geometry; Curves, Quartic; Curves, Algebraic; Bitangents2015-04
12 Wang, ZhirongThe role of the autism-associated gene kirrel3 in synapse formationAlterations in the gene Kirrel3 are repeatedly associated with intellectual disability and autism. Kirrel3 regulates synapse formation in C. elegans but the role of Kirrel3 in synapse formation in the mammalian brain is unknown. In mice, Kirrel3 is expressed in specific cell types throughout the bra...Autism -- Genetic aspects; Synapses; Kirrel3 gene; Synapse formation2015-04
13 Welsh, Timothy BrittonFamily curds and ways: Divergent representations of U.S. families through cheese makingIn this essay, I examine how contemporary cultural politics around family and gender are reflected in representations of food, specifically in two different styles of cheese: industrially produced and handcrafted, artisanal cheeses. The growing rift between handcrafted, artisan cheese and industrial...Cheesemaking - Social aspects2015-04
14 Memmott, Magdalen GraceDRM & driving: Creation of false memories under cognitive workloadNot only are humans unable to recall things that actually occur, they may also recall information that did not occur. Such findings contribute to the pervasive hypothesis that people are not more productive by combining tasks, instead such productivity is an illusion. It was hypothesized that when m...False memory syndrome2015-04
15 Reyes, Abby MichelleChicana/o student journalism, Peldaños 1974­-1977My engagement with a local student news publication named Venceremos, which had first been published 1993 and was later revived after a five-year hiatus in 2008, provoked larger-scale critical inquiry on the history of alternative Chicano/a journalism in the state of Utah and the University of Utah ...Martinez, Gilbert A -- Interviews; Student newspapers and periodicals -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Mexican American newspapers -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Mexican American college students -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; National Geographic peldaños2015-04
16 Romero, DanaThe process improvement initiative at the University of Utah hospitals and clinics in period 2011-2014Due to increasing financial pressures, which have been further magnified by the recently-enacted Affordable Care Act, health care organizations have been on a lookout for a long-term solution to their questionable prospects in regards to their financial sustainability. In recent years, the Universit...University of Utah. Health Sciences Center; Hospitals -- Utah -- Administration Hospitals -- Utah -- Cost control2015-04
17 Mortensen, MatthewDo caps on non-economic damages decrease medical malpractice insurance premiums?This paper examines whether tort reform, like caps on non-economic damages for medical malpractice claims, actually lower insurance premiums for physicians. Proponents of tort reform argue that large jury awards against physicians have driven up physician insurance premiums, and as a result, overall...Physicians' malpractice insurance - United States; Insurance premiums - United States2015-04
18 Sammann, SuzyDandelions among the wheat: A novelMy Honors Creative Thesis is a manuscript of a novel I completed in Professor Gills Honors Novel Writing Workshop. Dandelions Among the Wheat is 74,782 words, 239 pages. It addresses the complex issues of alcoholism and abuse in families through humor and heartfelt truth, offering raw and relatable ...American fiction -- 21st century2015-04
19 Hanswille, IsaOrigins of a monotheistic worldview among the ancient IsraelitesThe early Israelites, like all of their closest Ancient Near Eastern neighbors, began their journey as a people with the worship of a pantheon full of gods. However, as the books of the Hebrew Bible progress chronologically, a shift in thinking occurs toward an alternate worldview. Proscriptions aga...Monotheism -- History; Judaism -- History -- To 70 A.D; Jews -- History -- To 70 A.D2015-04
20 Foote, Charles R.Measuring an ideas-based economy: an assessment of total factor productivityThis study presents a new empirical assessment of the ability of Total Factor Productivity (TFP) to measure the effects of innovation in aggregate and across different industries. Typically, TFP is estimated as a scale parameter of a production function fit to output and input data from industries o...Industrial productivity; Total factor productivity2015-04
21 Schott, Willem OlsonPromotion vs. education in choosing "real food"The agro-industrial system in the United States contributes to an abundance of human and ecological health problems from social injustices and public health issues to global warming and ecological degradation. In response to these problems, universities across the country are joining the Real Food C...College students -- Food Food preferences; Real food2015-04
22 Leonard, NicoleVitamin D deficiency in flight attendants and pilotsVitamin D is a curious molecule. While humans do get some vitamin D from their diet, most of it is synthesized in the body, so it does not fit the definition of a vitamin-a molecule that must come from the diet. Vitamin D synthesis is initiated by the UVB (290-320 nm) portion of ultraviolet radiatio...Vitamin D deficiency; Flight attendants -- Nutrition; Air pilots -- Nutrition; Ultraviolet radiation -- Physiological effect2015-04
23 Iacono, AlyssaContext affects undergraduates' goals and engagement behaviors when learning onlineThe Self-regulation of motivation (SRM) model (Sansone & Thoman, 2005) suggests that two types of motivation are crucial while learning a task: Goals-defined (e.g., value and expectancy of learning), and experience-defined (e.g., if the task is interesting). Using an online HTML lesson, initial resu...Web-based instruction -- Psychological aspects; Online learning2015-04
24 Giannopoulos, DionaLet be: A novelDiona Giannopoulos' novel Let Be is the story of 26-year-old Zoe, who after abandoning her family nearly seven years prior, returns home to discover her childhood house the exact same, her sisters barely changed, and her previously alcoholic father showing the beginning signs of Alzheimer's Disease....American fiction -- 21st century2015-04
25 Asplund, BrennaIn border country: The nature of magic and reality in Terry Pratchett's DiscworldMagic and reality in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series are difficult to place among well-known fantasy tropes and dichotomies. Defining either magic or reality in his invented world (either as opposed to each other or as different aspects of each other) is nearly impossible. Reality on the Disc is ...Pratchett, Terry. Discworld series2015-04
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