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1 Making of a Doctor (1955-58)1955ehsl_hhsVideo
2 Philip B. Price, M.D. Interview (1969)1969ehsl_hhsVideo
3 H. Leo Marshal, M.D. Interview (1969)1969ehsl_hhsVideo
4 InfoFair 2003- Lecture "Saving Science, Saving Lives: Why Choices You Make When Publishing Matter"2003ehsl_hhsVideo
5 InfoFair 2003- Meet the Experts Panel2003ehsl_hhsVideo
6 InfoFair 2003- "Next Generation Communication" Active Class with William G. Griswold2003ehsl_hhsVideo
7 InfoFair 2004- Lecture: "Distance Education at the University of Utah- Panel Discussion"2004ehsl_hhsVideo
8 InfoFair 2004- Meet the Experts Panel Discussion2004ehsl_hhsVideo
9 InfoFair 2004- Lecture: "Healthcare and Health Education in Cyberspace"2004ehsl_hhsVideo
10 InfoFair 2005- Lecture: "New Technologies in the Health Sciences Education Building"2005ehsl_hhsVideo
11 InfoFair 2005- Meet the Experts Panel2005ehsl_hhsVideo
12 InfoFair 2005- Lecture: "Multidisciplinary Use of New Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) Clinical Area"2005ehsl_hhsVideo
13 InfoFair 2006- Lecture: "Breeze Meeting: Online Communication for Many Needs"2006ehsl_hhsVideo
14 InfoFair 2006- Lecture: "Biomedical Informatics Faculty Projects"2006ehsl_hhsVideo
15 InfoFair 2006- Lecture: "A Call to Change: Open Access Initiatives and the Movement to Transform Scholarly Communication"2006ehsl_hhsVideo
16 InfoFair 2006- Meet the Experts Panel Discussion2006ehsl_hhsVideo
17 InfoFair 2006- Lecture: "Access to Truthful and Relevant Scientific Information"2006ehsl_hhsVideo
18 InfoFair 2007- Lecture: "The Value of Values: How Libraries Can Flourish in the 21st Century"2007ehsl_hhsVideo
19 InfoFair 2007- Lecture: "Compare and Contrast: Acrobat Connect Professional and Marratech" and "Telemedicine in Acute Burn Care"2007ehsl_hhsVideo
20 InfoFair 2007- "Distance Education Up Close Panel Discussion"2007ehsl_hhsVideo
21 InfoFair 2008- Meet the Experts Panel Discussion and Nina Dougherty Tribute2008ehsl_hhsVideo
22 InfoFair 2008- Lecture: "Effectively Searching the Environmental Literature"2008ehsl_hhsVideo
23 Research Program Overview: Spousal/Partner Loss in Mid and Later Life2009ehsl_conrllVideo
24 Weaving New Threads in the Classroom2009ehsl_conrllVideo
25 Mixed Method Design: Principles and Procedures2009ehsl_conrllVideo
1 - 25 of 192