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1 Expression and Purification of Augertoxins: Searching for Novel Protein Folds in Venomous Marine Snails2018ir_htoaText
2 Restoration, repentance, and Reformation: the Sermon's Higher Purpose in the Legend of theophilus2018ir_htoaText
3 The Impact of Past Drug Enforcement Legislation and Potential Success of a Three-Pronged Approach to the Opioid Epidemic2018ir_htoaText
4 Replicating Musical Style: Data-Driven Algorithmic Melody Composition2018ir_htoaText
5 AC Magnetic Susceptibility of Sub-Millimeter Superconductor Samples at Extreme Conditions2018ir_htoaText
6 Evaluating the Catalytic Activity of Iron and Nickel Impurities in Bare High-Pressure High-Temperature Nanodiamond2018ir_htoaText
7 The Soluble (PRO) Renin Receptor does not Influence Lithium-Induced Diabetes Insipidus but does Provoke Beigning of White Adipose Tissue in Miceir_htoaText
8 The Politics of Portraiture in George Caleb Bingham's "Portrait of Mrs. James Thomas Birch" of 1877uu_aah_aahpText
9 Miller, SPuum_kmrText
10 Minasian, M.uum_kmrText
11 Miskolin, Martinuum_kmrText
12 Mihos, Tomuum_kmrText
13 Milich, Johnuum_kmrText
14 Miller, Jnouum_kmrText
15 Miller, Peteuum_kmrText
16 Moffitt, A. J.uum_kmrText
17 Miyagishima, K.uum_kmrText
18 Mizukama, K.uum_kmrText
19 Misterakis, Mikeuum_kmrText
20 Miyakuchi, M.uum_kmrText
21 Miyataka, D.uum_kmrText
22 Mitchell, Ebenezeruum_kmrText
23 Miza, S.uum_kmrText
24 McCormick, S. F.uum_kmrText
25 McCarty, W. J.uum_kmrText
1 - 25 of 89,222