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1 "A History of Utah's American Indians" - IntroductionTextuaida_main
2 1849-1850 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.1849Textuaida_main
3 1913 Ute Census (Part 1)1913-07-01Textuaida_main
4 1913 Ute Census (Part 2)1913-07-01Textuaida_main
5 1913 Ute Census (Part 3)1913-07-01Textuaida_main
6 1913 Ute Census (Part 4)1913-07-01Textuaida_main
7 1913 Ute Census (Part 5)1913-07-01Textuaida_main
8 A Brief History of the Southern UtesTextuaida_main
9 A Chronology of Papers in the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Archives Vol. 32009Textuaida_main
10 A few words in the Shoshone or snak dialect]/[collected by Dimick Huntington1853Textuaida_main
11 A few words in the Utah dialect alphabetically arranged1854Textuaida_main
12 A few words in the Utah dialect alphabetically arranged1853Textuaida_main
13 A History of the Uintah-Ouray Ute Lands1979Textuaida_main
14 A Precarious Balance: The Northern Utes And The Black Hawk War1989Textuaida_main
15 A Qualitative Case Study of Developing Teacher Identity among American Indian Secondary Teachers from the Ute Teacher Training Program2008Textuaida_main
16 A Telegram about the upcoming Sun Dance1914-07-03Textuaida_main
17 A transcribed letter from Arrowpine for Brigham Young, February 29, 18561856-02-29Textuaida_main
18 A vocabulary of the Snake or Shoshone dialect/by Joseph A. Gebow, interpreter1859Textuaida_main
19 The abandoned BoyTextuaida_main
20 The abandoned BoyTextuaida_main
21 Abram Hatch to Brigham Young, July 5, 18541854-07-05Textuaida_main
22 Account of Joe Wilson's shootingTextuaida_main
23 Acres Under Cultivation (Part 1)1914Textuaida_main
24 Acres under cultivation (Part 2)1914Textuaida_main
25 Acres Under Cultivation (Part 3)1914Textuaida_main
1 - 25 of 1,413