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1 A Baby party at Lintsing, Shantung, China1930Text
2 Captions for photographs, and description of the poor children (copy)1921Text
3 Ardis Hitchcock's notes for Tallmon biography: notes from 1971 interviews1971Text
4 Announcement of annual autumn meeting at Tehsien mission (undated)Text
5 Ardis Hitchcock's notes for Tallmon biography: 1907 eventsText
6 A Letter about the Kalgan Meetings, February 19081908-02Text
7 Annual report of the Lintsing Memorial Hospital, Lintsing, Shantung, China, 19371938Text
8 A Schoolmaster's letters1934Text
9 Agenda for North China Mission, Tehsien Station's Second Annual Retreat, Saturday, October 24, 19251925-10Text
10 Affidavits certifying Susan Tallmon's completion of coursework, Iowa College1898-09-27; 1898-09-30Text
11 Accounts 1920: Edith C. Tallmon financial records1920Text
12 Articles relating to charity needs in China, 19211921-01-15; 1921-02-23; 1921Text
13 Account of a houseboat trip on the Grand Canal near Pei Tai He, China1906Text
14 Ardis Hitchcock notes identifying books on ChinaText
15 Ardis Hitchcock's notes for Tallmon biography: notes from books on ChinaText
16 Accounts record of Edith C. Tallmon, 19201920Text
17 Annual report of the North China Mission of the American Board for the year May 1st, 1912 to April 30th, 19131913Text
18 Autographs and signatures of Susan Tallmon Sargent's friends and associates: Set 7Text
19 Accounting records from June 1917 by Dr Susan Tallmon Sargent1917-06Text
20 About the Ellis Christian Training School, American Board Mission, Lintsing, Shantung, China1930-01-13Text
21 A day with the girls at School of Many Friends, Lintsing, Shantung, China1923Text
22 A Medical chapter: text dated 19 February 19171917-02-19Text
23 A birthday celebration1927Text
24 Ardis Hitchcock's notes for Tallmon biography: Spiral notebook 1Text
25 A China travelogue1933-08Text
1 - 25 of 794