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1 herball : or General historie of plantes1597uum_rbcText
2 Paradisi In Sole Paradisus Terrestris : or A Garden of all sorts of pleasant, flowers which our English ayre will permit to the noursed vp: with a Kitchen garden of all manner of herbes, rootes, & fruites, for ,eate or sause vsed with vs, and An Orchard of all sorte of fruitbearing Trees and Shrubbes fit for out Land together With the right orderinge planting & preseruing of them and their vses & vertues1629uum_rbcText
3 Collectanea, volume 15, part 21994uum_rbcText
4 Collectanea, volume 16, part 11996uum_rbcText
5 Collectanea, volume 12, part 31986uum_rbcText
6 Collectanea, volume 11, part 11977uum_rbcText
7 Historie of the world : in five bookes1628uum_rbcText
8 M. Accii Plauti comoediae, volume 11679uum_rbcText
9 First and second volumes of chronicles : comprising 1. The description and historie of England, 2. The description and historie of Ireland, 3. The description and historie of Scotland1587uum_rbcText
10 Sefer Nitsaḥon1709uum_rbcText
11 Tractatus theologico-politicus continens dissertationes aliquot, quibus ostenditur libertatem philosophandi non tantum salva pietate, & reipublicæ pace posse concedi : sed eandem nisi cum pace reipublicæ, ipsaque pietate tolli non posse.1670uum_rbcText
12 Account of the first voyages and discoveries made by the Spaniards in America, containing the most exact relation hitherto publish'd, of their unparallel'd cruelties on the Indians, in the destruction of above forty millions of people, with the propositions offer'd to the King of Spain, to prevent the further ruin of the West-Indies1699uum_rbcText
13 B.d.S. opera posthuma : quorum series post praefationem exhibetur1677uum_rbcText
14 Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, seigneur de Chastillon sur Loin, gouverneur pour le roi de l'Isle de France & de Picardie, colonel general de l'infanterie françoise, & amiral de France1686uum_rbcText
15 Leviathan, or, The matter, forme, and power of a common-wealth, ecclesiasticall and civill1651uum_rbcText
16 Monde de Mr. Descartes :ou, le traite' de la lumiere, et des autres principaux objects des sens : avec un discours du mouvement local, & un autre des fiévres1664uum_rbcText
17 Nov-antiqua sanctissimorum patrum, & probatorum theologorum doctrina, de Sacræ Scripturæ testimoniis : in conclusionibus mere naturalibus, quæ sensatâ experientiâ, & necessariis demonstrationibus evinci possunt, temere non usurpandis1636uum_rbcText
18 Sir Salomon : or, The cautious coxcomb: a comedy. As it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke of York's theatre1671uum_rbcText
19 Ierokleous philosophou Ypomnēma eis ta tōn Pythagoreiōn epē ta chrysa1583uum_rbcText
20 Ek tōn Diōnos tou Nikaeōs Rōmaikōn historiōn, apo Pompēiou Magnou mechris Alexandrou tou Mamaias, epitomē Iōannou tou Xiphilinou1551uum_rbcText
21 Commentarii secvndo avcti : in libros sex pedacii dioscoridis anazarbei de medica materia ; Apologia adversvs Amanthvm Lusitanvm1558uum_rbcText
22 Renatus Des Cartes de homine1662uum_rbcText
23 Polydori Virgilii Vrbinatis, De rervm inventoribvs libri octo.1576uum_rbcText
24 Proceedings of the fifth American Peace Congress held in San Francisco, California, October 10-13, 1915 : as the sixth and last congress of the Committee of one hundred (appointed by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America to have charge of the religious activities during the Panama-Pacific International Exposition) and under the auspices of the Church Peace Union--the American Peace Society, assisted by the American League to limit armaments--the American Peace Centenary Committee--the League to enforce peace--the San Francisco Federated Peace Committee for 1915, and the Woman's Peace Party.1915uum_rbcText
25 British navy at war1917uum_rbcText
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