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1 Two letters dated 21 February 1972 from Lorenzo A. Richards about Lark tensometersuum_lrfcText
2 Letter dated 2 December 1975 from Lorenzo A. Richards to Paul and Audrey Richardsuum_lrfcText
3 Letter dated 14 April [year not stated] from "Al and Merrillyn" [Ayers] to Zilla and Lorenzo Richardsuum_lrfcText
4 Get well nowuum_lrfcText
5 Incomplete draft of a letter by Lorenzo A. Richards addressed "Dear Tim"uum_lrfcText
6 Letter dated 25 March 1975 from Lorenzo A. Richards to the Williams and Wilkins Companyuum_lrfcText
7 Letter dated 1 July 1975 from Lorenzo A. Richards to Mr. Ingramuum_lrfcText
8 Name cards for Linford and Richards familiesuum_lrfcText
9 Vird Ann Floral, Card 1uum_lrfcText
10 Physicist, $5,060 to $10,800 per year: [Description of job and requirements]uum_lrfcText
11 Application for federal employment filled out 13 September 1946 by Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
12 Invitations to various events, sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1968-1980uum_lrfcText
13 Erratauum_lrfcText
14 Letter dated 15 January 1999 from Paul M. Norton to "Friends of Utah State University"uum_lrfcText
15 Letters exchanged in July and August 1975 between Lorenzo A. Richards and Erma Valentine Jacobsuum_lrfcText
16 Certificates and diplomas issued to Lorenzo A. Richards, 1919 to 1985uum_lrfcText
17 Biographical information on Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
18 Water content changes following the wetting of bare soil in the fielduum_lrfcText
19 Letters exchanged in December 1979 and February 1980 between Lorenzo and Zilla Richards and Ted and Lucretia Arbonuum_lrfcText
20 Letters exchanged in May 1981 between Lorenzo A. Richards and "Rebecca"uum_lrfcText
21 USU Old Main Society To Gather Fridayuum_lrfcText
22 Tickets and invitations for James H. Linford and Mary Hooper (Blood) Linford, 1889 to 1940uum_lrfcText
23 Tickets and invitations for James H. Linford, 1886 to 1892uum_lrfcText
24 Invitations for James H. Linford to various events, 1889 to 1893uum_lrfcText
25 Letters exchanged in March 1975 between Lorenzo A. Richards and John J. Stewartuum_lrfcText
1 - 25 of 1,111