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1 Uintah Unit Alternative No. 1 Lower Uinta Alternativeuaida_mainText
2 Upalco Unit Alternative No. 8 Twin Pots Alternative1995-01uaida_mainText
3 Uintah Unit Alernative No. 4 Coyote Basin Alternativeuaida_mainText
4 Navajo Legends1897uaida_mainText
5 The Mountain Chant : A Navajo Ceremony1887uaida_mainText
6 Lake Fork Section 203 Alternative - Finding of No Significant Impact(FONSI)2001-10uaida_mainText
7 Reclamation Managing Water in the West: Green River Pumping Project Final Environmental Assessment2010-06uaida_mainText
8 EPA notification of a request to modify gas plants on the Uintah & Ouray reservation.2012uaida_mainText
9 Utah State Water Plan - Uintah Basin1999-12uaida_mainText
10 Final Statement of Basis for permit No. PSD-OU-0002-04.002007-08-30uaida_mainText
11 Report of the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation for Submission to the U.S. Department of Energy and Interior2006-05-11uaida_mainText
12 Letter to James D. Doty, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Utah from William P. Dole, Commissioner Indian Affairs dated 5 May 18631863-05-05uaida_mainText
13 Letter to Superintendent Indian Affairs, Utah Territory from William P. Dole, Commissioner Indian Affairs dated 23 August 18641864-08-23uaida_mainText
14 Telegraph from Indian Agent Harris to Superintendent Doty dated February 15, 18621862-02-15uaida_mainText
15 Telegraph from Indian Agent Harris to Superintendent Doty dated 18621862uaida_mainText
16 Telegraph from Major General Grenville M. Dodge to Colonel Carroll H. Potter dtd May 3, 18661866-05-03uaida_mainText
17 Telegraph to Indian Agent Luther Mann Jr dated August 28, 18661866-08-28uaida_mainText
19 Uintah & Ouray Reservation Report from the U.S. Dept. of Energy2007-08-01uaida_mainText
20 Interview with Chester Cantsee: White Mesa Ute-Paiute Historical Narrativeuaida_mainText
21 Changes of Ute Territory 1868-1972uaida_mainText
22 Land Added to Confederated Ute Indian Reservation 1875-76uaida_mainText
23 Agreement of 1880uaida_mainText
24 Transportation Routes in the Uintah Basin to 1910uaida_mainText
25 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs 18871887uaida_mainText
1 - 25 of 2,184