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1 Elastic and Plastic Surfaces for Modeling and AnimationThis thesis presents eplastics, a modeling and animation tool developed to represent elastic and plastic surfaces under the B-spline representation. Eplastics derives its model from concepts found in physically based modeling of articulated motion, rigid bodies and deformable models. Eplastics works...animation; modeling; eplastics; articulated motion; deformable; alpha_1; b-spline1990
2 Spacetime Control of Linked FiguresThis dissertation describes the development of techniques to automate the creation of physically-based, goal-directed motion of synthetic creatures, More specifically, the research concentrates on developing an underlying mathematical representation for constraints and objectives imposed on a creatu...computer animation; spacetime control; animated figures; creature motion1992-06
3 Z [infinity] : a framework for reactive autonomous agent specification and analysisWe propose a framework for the specification and analysis of autonomous agents. In general, such agents require several levels of behavioral specifications, including low-level reflex actions, midlevel controllers to deal with the physical aspects of the world, and high-level representations for goa...robots; control systems; real-time programming languages; graphical interactive tools; robotic systems1994-12
4 Trivariate B-splinesThe purpose of this thesis is to explore and evaluate the use of trivariate B-splines. There are several issues that make modeling with trivariate B-splines a significant and interesting problem. The issues to be addressed are the domain of the representation; algorithms for display, subdivision, a...trivariate b-splines; computers1991-12
5 A Parametric Model for Human FacesThis report presents a computer model for the representation of human faces. This three-dimensional, parametric model produces shaded facial images. The face, constructed of polygonal surfaces, is manipulated through the use of parameters which control interpolation, translation, rotation and scalin...1974-12
6 E-MO : a system for automatically generating emotive-motionsA system is developed to automatically generate control functions for linked mechanisms that express specific emotions. This system could be employed to produce motions for characters in a computer animation. It takes advantage of the fact that evaluation functions, which take physical characteristi...1995-03
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