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1 Policy Proposal: Changing Benefits from Individual Units to the University of Utah Hospital Organization2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Compassion Fatigue; Personal Satisfaction; Burnout, Professional; Burnout, Psychological; Personnel Turnover
2 Implementing the IDEAL Discharge Checklist: Implications for Transitions from Hospital to Home2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Quality Improvement; Transitional Care; Patient Discharge; Patient Discharge; Aftercare; Outcome and Process Assessment, Health Care
3 Standardizing Birth Plans2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Patient Satisfaction; Labor, Obstetric; Prenatal Education; Prenatal Care; Patient Care Team; Caregivers
4 Effecting Readmission of Adolescent Mental Health Patients2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Patient Readmission; Quality of Life; Patient Discharge; Adolescent; Adolescent Health; Health Services Accessibility; Mental Health Services
5 Interprofessional Rounding and Patient Experience Outcomes2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Patient-Centered Care; Interprofessional Relations; Patient Satisfaction; Outcome Assessment, Health Care; Physician-Nurse Relations; Patient-Centered Care
6 Smoke Evacuation Promotes Nurse Health in the Operating Room2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Volatile Organic Compounds; Particulate Matter; Electrocoagulation; Smoke; Acetone; Acetaldehyde; Formaldehyde; Hematologic Tests; Surgical Instruments; Operating Rooms
7 Lactation Consultant's Effects on Maternal Mental Health2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Lactation; Consultants; Self Efficacy; Mothers; Breast Feeding; Infant, Newborn; Psychosocial Support Systems
8 Implementing a Hazard Pay for ICU Nurses During COVID-19 to Reduce High Turnover Rates2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Personnel Turnover; Intensive Care Units; Travel Nursing; Pandemics; Nursing Staff; Salaries and Fringe Benefits; Income; COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; Nurse Administrators
9 The Role of a Discharge Nurse in Expediting the Discharge Process2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Patient Discharge; Patient Care Team; Waiting Lists; Maternal-Child Nursing; Nurse-Patient Relations; Communication
10 Integration of Palliative Care Education Into Clinical Practice2021Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Quality of Life; Hospices; Hospice Care; Palliative Care; Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing; Caregivers; Referral and Consultation; Patient Care Planning; Depression; Anxiety
11 Hospital Nurse Educators: Strategies To Improve Satisfaction and Retention2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Nurses; Job Satisfaction; Work-Life Balance; Work Engagement; Health Educators; Career Mobility; Professional Role; Inservice Training; Education, Nursing, Continuing; Staff Development; Organizational Culture;Personnel Loyalty
12 The Use of Extended Dwell Peripheral Intravenous Catheters in Neonates to Decrease IV Attempts2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Infant, Newborn; Catheters, Indwelling; Catheterization, Peripheral; Administration, Intravenous; Catheterization, Central Venous
13 The Power of Sharing the Love: Creating a Free PrEP Clinic to Prevent HIV Infection2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis; Unsafe Sex; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Preventive Health Services; Community Health Services; HIV Infections; Risk Reduction Behavior; Ambulatory Care Facilities; Patient Education as Topic; Health Services Accessibility; Medic...
14 Use of the AM-PAC 6-Clicks to Prioritize Patients on a Cardiovascular Medical Unit2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Intensive Care Units; Coronary Care Units; Early Ambulation; Physical Therapy Modalities; Treatment Outcome; Activities of Daily Living; Patient Discharge
15 Decreasing Falls Through Increasing Patient and Family Compliance with Fall Prevention Strategies on a Medical Oncology Unit2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Oncology Service, Hospital; Clinical Protocols; Accidental Falls; Accident Prevention; Patient Compliance; Treatment Adherence and Compliance; Patient Education as Topic; Patient Safety
16 Implementation of a State Wide Burn Care and Mass Casualty Course (BCMCC)2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Disasters; Burns; Emergency Treatment; Transportation of Patients; Burn Units; Emergency Responders; Intersectoral Collaboration; Standard of Care; Clinical Competence; Curriculum; Certification
17 Process Mapping RCT Study Start-Up2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic; Software Design; Crowdsourcing; Total Quality Management; Problem Solving; Common Data Elements; Organizational Innovation
18 The Feasibility of an Electronic Informed Consent for a Minimal -Risk Study2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Eligibility Determination; Data Collection; Parental Consent; Informed Consent; Consent Forms; Workflow; Surveys and Questionnaires; Electronics; Depression; Adolescent; Young Adult
19 Supporting Burn Nurse Competencies with Education2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Burn Units; Education, Nursing; Clinical Competence; Leadership; Curriculum; Inservice Training; Certification
20 Working Together to Screen & Treat Sexually Transmitted Infections in Youth: the College of Nursing, Juvenile Justice and State Health Department2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Chlamydia Infections; Gonorrhea; Diagnostic Screening Programs; Preventive Health Services; Health Services Accessibility; Adolescent; Risk Factores; Unsafe Sex; Risk Reduction Behavior; Counseling; Patient Education as Topic...
21 Challenges Faced by Newly Hired Diverse Nurses2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Medicine; Mentoring; Nurses; Cultural Diversity; Ethnic Groups; Personnel Selection; Personnel Turnover; Needs Assessment; Workforce; Utah
22 A Better Way to Learn: In Situ Simulation for Hypersensitivity Reactions2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Infusions, Intravenous; Drug Hypersensitivity; Antineoplastic Agents; Drug Therapy; Neoplasms; Bone Marrow Transplantation; Oncology Nursing; Antineoplastic Protocols; Simulation Training; Quality Improvement
23 Diabetes Self-Management Education & Collaborative Goal Setting in Primary Care2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Diabetes Mellitus; Self-Management; Patient Education as Topic; Patient Compliance; Patient Care Planning; Treatment Adherence and Compliance
24 Implementation of Pump Integration and Administration Standardization of Chemotherapy Across a System2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Medicine; Drug Therapy; Antineoplastic Agents; Antineoplastic Protocols; Practice Guideline; Electronic Health Records; Infusion Pumps
25 The Development of Neurocritical eLearning Modules for NICU Nurses and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners2019Posters as Topic; Evidence-Based Medicine; Infant, Newborn; Intensive Care, Neonatal; Nurse Practitioners; Electroencephalography; Neurophysiological Monitoring
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