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1 Resolution on scholarly communication2007ir_euaText
2 University of Utah Professors Emeriti Club: A brief history, 1965-19992000-06ir_euaText
3 Bit by bit: CAUSE, The Association for the Management of Information Technology in Higher Education1991-11ir_uspaceText
4 Checklist for starting and operating a digital reference desk2003-11ir_uspaceText
5 Organizing acquisitions: the Yale University experience1992-12ir_uspaceText
6 J. J. Audubon & 19th century color printing1994ir_uspaceText
7 Future leaders' views on organizational culture2009ir_uspaceText
8 Gibbs Smith: progressive publisher1994ir_uspaceText
9 Exploring the contributions of the academic library to student learning2011ir_uspaceText
10 Bit by bit: communicating voucher information to the accounting department from automated library systems(pt. 2)1991-06ir_uspaceText
11 Perfect journey: WordPerfect helping the world communicate1994ir_uspaceText
12 Towards a national disaster response protocol2006ir_uspaceText
13 The crisis in research librarianship2011ir_uspaceText
14 Francis Carroll, Good and wise measure: the search for the Canadian-American boundary, 1783-18422003ir_uspaceText
15 Millenium minutes (comment)2000-12ir_uspaceText
16 Litany of "terrible, no good, very bad" things that can happen after the disaster2004-05-21ir_uspaceText
17 Inconvenient legacy2007ir_uspaceText
18 Boys from the Brooklyn Museum venture to Zion2008ir_uspaceText
19 Small, not insignificant: a specification for a conservation pamphlet binding structure1987ir_uspaceText
20 Acquiring minds want to know: cloth - paper-still, an issue1994-11ir_uspaceText
21 Importance of permanence1992ir_uspaceText
22 Regional Aggregation and Discovery of Digital Collections: The Mountain West Digital Library2016ir_uspaceText
23 Library publishing services: strategies for success2012-04-03ir_uspaceText
24 Library publishing services: strategies for success2011-11-03ir_uspaceText
25 Beyond databases: a creative approach in keeping up with our growing resources2005ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 221