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1 Interview with Joyce Rhodes, Downwinders of Utah Archive, June 14, 20172017-06-14Textuum_dua
2 Anisocoria2016Text; Imageehsl_novel_novel
3 Pertinent Pupillary Problems2016Text; Imageehsl_novel_novel
4 Bruce "Utah" Phillips, 1935 - 2008 (Utah Urban Pioneers Short Film)2007Text; Imageuu_utfolklore
5 Urban Pioneers interview with Polly Stewart and Hal Cannon, December 15, 20072007-12-15Text; Imageuu_utfolklore
6 Utah Urban Pioneers mini movie: Reminisce2007Text; Imageuu_utfolklore
7 Quality of Life in IIHTT Subjects 6 Months After Diagnosis and Treatment (Video)2015-02-25Textehsl_novel_nam
8 Change in Body Weight after a 6-Month Telephone Weight Loss Intervention in Normal Weight, Overweight, and Obese Subjects with the Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (Video)2015-02-25Textehsl_novel_nam
9 What Have We Learned From the Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Treatment Trial (Video)2015-02-25Textehsl_novel_nam
10 Circle of Hell: Diagnosing and Managing Steroid-Dependent Optic Neuropathies (with Apologies to Dante Alighieri) (Video)Textehsl_novel_nam
11 Basic Eye Alignment Exam2002Textehsl_novel_jmec
12 Amsler Grid Testing2002Textehsl_novel_jmec
13 Exophthalmometry2016Textehsl_novel_jmec
14 Color Vision Testing2002Textehsl_novel_jmec
15 Fusional Vergence Amplitudes2002Textehsl_novel_jmec
16 Normal Eye Movements2014Textehsl_novel_jmec
17 Stereoacuity Testing2016Textehsl_novel_jmec
18 Pupil Exam2016Textehsl_novel_jmec
19 Oral history interview of Dr. Kent Katz, conducted by Adam Katz (video)2020-10-18Textuum_uc19
20 Oral history interview of Ana C. Katz, conducted by Adam Katz (video)2020-10-16Textuum_uc19
21 Treatment Failures in the Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Treatment Trial (Video)2015-02-25Textehsl_novel_nam
22 Safety and Tolerability of Acetazolamide (Video)2015-02-25Textehsl_novel_nam
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