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1 The Many Faces of IntrospectionIn psychology, introspection is a common term meaning an examination of one's own thought process and sensory experience. Similarly, introspection in computer systems enables a computer to examine its own computational behavior. A computer that ""understands"" its own behavior, an introspective comp...1992-04
2 ELA: A program to analyze logs of execution eventsThis is a description of ELA, a tool to give insight into the operation of computer systems during their development.ELA; logs of execution events; computers1991-03
3 A front end user interface to a geometric modelling systemThis thesis examines methods for designing effective user interfaces. A particular type of computer system, an interactive geometric modelling system, is investigated with respect to the interface.1987-12
4 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computationThis dissertation reports on the development of a prototype programming environment for a graphical programming language to support data-driven style of computation. Emphasis is on the need for tools to assist in the development of nontrivial graphical programs.graphical programming language; data-driven style; computation; computers1983-03
5 A general model for the user interface of screen editorsText editing programs are becoming larger in size and more important in modern operating systems. We present a model for the user interface portions of editors. The model provides a consistent and easy-to-implement environment in which many powerful and useful features can be incorporated. This mode...text editing; text editing program; screen editor; computers1983-03
6 Automated Detection of DeliriumThis dissertation developed computerized decision support for the recognition of delirium, a condition resulting in high morbidity and cost. The decision support required the development of pen-based graphical user interfaces and client server databases for nursing data and clinical studies, the exe...delirium; dhcp; graphical user interface1994-12
7 TWEAK: A three-dimensional toolkit and modeling system using snapping and constraintsThe goal of this thesis is to provide a simple and intuitive user interface to a three-dimensional (3D) Computer Aided Design system. The interactive modeling system described here was built to demonstrate the utility of this user interface. The four main parts of the system are discussed.Tweak; snapping; constraint; interactive modeling system; DI-3D graphics library1996-12
8 An Analytical Approach to Computer Systems SchedulingThe report examines some aspects of the problem of allocating resources in a multi-programmed computer system. It first investigates to what extent the users might participate in resource allocation decisions; a system that dynamically determines the prices of services is advocated. A model is studi...1970-06
9 Sketching with constraintsThe goal of this thesis is to provide a simple and intuitive user interface to a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. A simple modeling system was built to demonstrate the utility of the ideas presented here. There are three main parts to this system. The first part is the interpretation of sketched ...user interfaces; computer systems; computer-aided design; CAD system1994-06
10 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric DesignPoor user interfaces discourage potential users from effectively utilizing the design capabilities of geometric modeling systems. Because of the complex nature of the underlying representations in such systems, a well structured user interface model, as well as useful and intuitive design tools, are...user interface; computer systems; computer-aided design
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