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1 Jones, Pamela PalmerThe Fitzwilliam virginal book: historical background and performance practice issuesDuring the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England in the late sixteenth-early seventeenth centuries, very repressive anti-Catholic laws were enacted by Parliament. Catholicism then became the illegal underground religion of the gentry, sustained primarily by a web of intricate family alliances. The a...Fitzwilliam virginal book; Harpsichord; English; Baroque2009-05
2 Russell, JessicaFrom the Old testament to the Paris Opera: Saint-Saëns's Samson Et Dalila and nineteenth-century french orientalismDespite its successful premiere in Weimar in 1877, Saint-Saëns's Samson et Dalila met resistance as the composer attempted to stage the biblical story in France. When the work finally premiered in Paris in 1890, the opera directors exclaimed, "If we only knew!" In this thesis, I explore the aspec...Gender; Nineteenth-century opera; Orientalism; Saint-Saëns; Samson et Dalila2017
3 Landvatter, Scott AlanGustav Holst's Savitri Elucidated by Hindu thoughtGustav Holst, throughout his life manifesting a rather mystic penchant, was, in his early career, quite taken with Hindu writings? it was as a result of his studies in Sanskrit that his chamber opera Savitri , Opus 25, emerged in 1908. Based on a story in the Mahabha - rata, the one act opera tells ...Opera; Hindu writings; Music1984-12
4 Worthen, Cherilyn ReneeThe choir school of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: history and curriculum 1999-2013The distinctiveness of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (MTC) as a unique American choral ensemble is revealed in a persistent paradox that both underscores its history and sets it apart from other choral organizations. By virtue of its widely distributed television broadcasts, recording projects, and to...Choir; Choir school; Choir training; Choral music; Choral pedagogy; Mormon tabernacle choir2014-12
5 May, Brittany NixonA survey of early childhood public school music in the district of columbia: assessing content and teacher preparationThe purpose of this study was to examine early childhood music teaching processes and practices of public school elementary general music teachers in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). The goals were to (1) use the Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Music Instruction: Grades PreK-12 and...Early childhood music education; Elementary general music education; Music education; Teacher preparation2015-05
6 Wilks, Nathan A.Verse chorus verse: an analysis of repetition in popular musicPopular music is often criticized by academics for being too repetitive. However, repetition is the mechanism by which music makes sense of itself. It is a conduit for meaning â€" separating music from noise, poetry from ambient chatter. By showing that in most verse-chorus songs, the amount of v...Analysis; Music; Music psychology; Music repetition; Popular music; Repetition2017
7 Thompson, James W.The effects of conducting-gesture instruction on high school string orchestra students' recognition of and playing response to common musical conducting emblemsThe purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of conducting-gesture instruction on high school string orchestra students' recognition of and playing response to common musical conducting emblems. Musical conducting emblems were defined as nonverbal movements or gestures used by conductors...Conducting-gestures; Conducting instruction; High school music; Nonverbal communication; Orchestra students; Performance response; Music; Music education2012-08
8 Larsen, Vance E.The influence of formal music instruction on the construction of musical identities of conservatory jazz studentsScholarship in musical identity has been tied to psychological and sociological theories of identity construction. Recent scholarship has used social identity theory as a means to explore the relationship of music to identity. Scholars have advocated for phenomenological inquiry in order to gain an ...Identity; Jazz2014-08
9 Witham, NathanGenerative musicThis thesis project is the result of months of research and development into processes to create a generative system of chance based music making via software built using MAX/MSP. The goal of this music is to combine chance based algorithms with specific harmonic number patterns to foster an environ...Music2014-12
10 Whitney, AnnetteContemporary American art song: John Alden Carpenter, Charles Edward Ives, Aaron Copland and Ned RoremBefore the songs of these four composers can properly be discussed and their musical ideas understood, there are a few things about the general trends of music composition in America and the American musical culture itself that ought to be understood. Before World War I America imported her art from...1966-08
11 Hurtado, Jared PaulStudy of Hispanic and non-Hispanic white music teachers' influenceThe purpose of this study was to report: (a) the enrollment of Hispanic and non-Hispanic White music students under the direction of Hispanic and non-Hispanic White music teachers (N=\3), (b) any practically significant differences between the enrollment of Hispanic and non-Hispanic White music st...Music teachers, United States, Influence; Music students, Hispanic American; musicians, Education2008-08
12 Madsen, Allen AndrewHollywood film music in the secondary performing ensemble: Utah music educators' attitudes and teaching practicesThe purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Hollywood film music on the secondary instrumental music educator in Utah. Ensemble directors must take many factors into account before selecting the pieces they will perform with their students each year. One genre of music that is increasin...Motion picture music2010
13 Bickmore, Isaac LamontFunctions of popular music in the lives of adolescentsThis study determines that a specified group of adolescents' favorite songs fulfill Frith's functions of popular music; (a) to create a type of self-definition; (b) to provide a way of managing the relationship between one's private and public emotional lives; (c) to shape popular memory, organiz...Music and youth; Group identity2010-02-10
14 Iachimciuc, IgorPart I: Sound color in the music of Gyorgy Kurtag, Part II: Leopard's path, thirteen visions for chamber ensembleThe dissertation is in two parts, a theoretical study and a musical composition. In Part I the music of György Kurtág is analyzed from the point of view of sound color. A brief description of what is understood by the term sound color, and various ways of achieving specific coloristic effects, are...Gyorgy Kurtag; Music; Sonorism; Sound color; Timbre; Tone color2010
15 Daily, Nels DrueSpheresSpheres in three movements. Convex, Core, Concave by Nels Drue Daily 2008. For 2 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos, B-flat Clarinet and Bass Trombone.2009-05
16 Bidwell, Benjamin RobertThe magician's follyA music score of a ballet for orchestra based on C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.Ballet; orchestral music2010
17 Kise, LyudmilaPart I: Sofia Gubaidulina's approach to pitch centricity in Two Paths: music for two violas and orchestra a dedication to Mary and Martha (1999) Part II: concerto for clarinet and orchestraThis theoretical study is devoted to the analysis of pitch centricity in Sofia Gubaidulina's post-tonal composition Two Paths: Music for Two Violas and Orchestra (1999). A detailed examination of Gubaidulina's approach to the exploration of axes of symmetry and sonic organization as a whole, inclu...Concerto; Pitch centricity; Sofia Gubaidulina; Two paths2011-12
18 Kirschner, Aaron J.Divisions without hierarchy: four-dimensional modeling of submeter and its use in empirical analysis of the musics of the new complexityCentral to virtually all scholarship of meter is a notion of beat hierarchy. However, when beat units and/or tempi are in constant flux, defining a hierarchy becomes nearly impossible. Such impulse structuresâ€"common to music of the New Complexityâ€"resist traditional scholarship of meter/sub...Empirical Analysis; Ferneyhough; Meter; New Complexity; Rhythm; Submeter; Music2017
19 Part I: Traditional elements and spectral content in Color by Marc-André Dalbavie Part II: Siberia for wind ensemble and electronicsThe goal of this dissertation is to explore some recent tendencies in the evolution of spectral music. Color by Marc-André Dalbavie is a prominent example of the implementation of traditional elements within a spectral context. The work selected for analysis encompasses an orchestral piece that cov...Dalbavie, Marc-André, 1961- Color2013-05
20 Thomas, Brian DavidDiffused paradigms: musical depictions of biodegradation, refraction of sound, and memory deterioration in Sorensen's Sterbende GartenIn Sterbende Gärten (Decaying or Dying Gardens) Bent Sørensen employs specific compositional methods in order to depict biodegradation of plants, refraction of sound, and memory deterioration in each of the three movements of the work, respectively. He obscures the formal design of the first movem...Bent; Gärten; Music; Sørensen; Spectral; Sterbende2011-05
21 Ballinger, Danielle MarieStudent attitudes toward the use of learning centers in the elementary general music classroomThis study investigated the attitudes of elementary-school students toward the use of learning centers as a tool of instruction in the elementary general music classroom. Participants (N=24) were members of two third-grade classes in a small K-12 independent school in Colorado. Participants experie...Centers; Differentiation; Elementary; General; Learning; Music2011-12
22 Marie, George ThomasTiny infinity for orchestra and Stefan Wolpe's Zone technique and Ralph Shapey's late music: an intensive analysis of String Quartet no.9This dissertation consists of two components, a composition for orchestra entitled Tiny Infinity and a theoretical study entitled "Stefan Wolpe's Zone Technique and Ralph Shapey's Late Music: An Analysis of the Introduction Movement of Shapey's String Quartet No. 9 ." The article presents a comparat...Music composition; Music theory and analysis; Ralph Shapey; Stefan Wolpe2014-08
23 Anderson, Briawna A.Troubled authenticity amd the romanticized West: reevaluating Charles Wakefield Cadman's 1918 opera ShanewisIn 1918, American composer Charles Wakefield Cadman completed the opera Shanewis or the Robin Woman, which was featured during two consecutive seasons at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. It was the first American opera to receive the honor of a double run and was popular throughout the 1920...American Music; Cadman; Indianism; Opera; Shanewis; Tsianina2013-05
24 Bernal, SergioThe triumph of joy over tragedy: pitch A in Mahler's Fifth SymphonyOne of the extraordinary innovations found in Mahler's symphonies is the use of progressive tonality as a vehicle to express emotional transformation. Two of Mahler's four "Wunderhorn" symphonies, the Second and Fourth, both progress away from the original tonic and end in a mediant or submediant ke...Analysis; Fifth; Harmonic; Mahler; Melodic; Symphony2013-05
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