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1 Centennial Valley corridor2017ir_suImage/StillImage
2 Disappearing nations2017ir_suImage/StillImage
3 Can urbanization level of a place act as a predictor for water saving behavior?2017ir_suImage/StillImage
4 The Beehive State: an intrastate passenger rail system for Utah using existing Union Pacific tracks2017ir_suImage/StillImage
5 Community cooperation and resource management: survey and experimental evidence from rural Odisha, India2017ir_suImage/StillImage
6 Modeling of thermal storage tank for heat recovery applications2017ir_suImage/StillImage
7 Wind farm density and harvested power in very large wind farms: a low-order model2017ir_suImage/StillImage
8 Modeling Temporal Variation in Externalities Related to Electricity Purchases for Buildingsir_suImage/StillImage
9 Pilot study on how indoor environmental and physiological variables affect human thermal confortir_suImage/StillImage
10 How does climate change affect combined sewer overflow in a system benefiting from rainwater harvesting systems?2017ir_suImage/StillImage
11 Multi-Objective Optimization - Waste Heat Recovery Systems in Food Processingir_suImage/StillImage
12 How life cycle greenhouse gas emissions change with metrics at urban scale and national scaleir_suImage/StillImage
13 Statistical modeling of watershed scale evapotranspiration2017ir_suImage/StillImage
14 Public water supply: how much energy does it take?2017ir_suImage/StillImage
15 How to Cut the Cost of Accurate and Reliable Surface Level Atmospheric Observations by an Order of Magnitudeir_suImage/StillImage
16 Evaluating the efficacy of regression and machine learning models to predict prehistoric land-use patterns2019ir_suImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 16