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1 Bilateral iris colobomasehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
2 Oculocephalic Reflex Animationehsl_novel_novelImage/StillImage
3 Left-sided Horner's syndrome with an acquired preganglionic localizationehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
4 Structures of the irisehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
5 Anatomy of the pupillary light reflex pathwayehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
6 Location of pupillomotor fibersehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
7 Anatomy of the oculosympathetic pathwayehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
8 The course of the postganglionic segment of the oculosympathetic fibers from the internal carotid arteryehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
9 The normal pupillary light reflexehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
10 Relationship between age and pupil sizeehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
11 Pupillogram of a healthy young subjectehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
12 Right-sided relative afferent pupillary defectehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
13 Assessment of an afferent pupillary defect when only one iris is functionalehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
14 An enhancing bladder metastasis involving the tectum of the midbrainehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
15 Light-near dissociationehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
16 Aberrant regeneration of the right pupilehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
17 Pathophysiology of signs associated with a tonic pupilehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
18 Bilateral iris colobomas (B)ehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
19 Right-sided pseudo-Horner's syndromeehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
20 Left-sided internal carotid artery dissectionehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
21 Flow chart for sorting out anisocoria - direct light reaction of the pupilehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
22 Pupillogram demonstrating paradoxical pupillary constriction to darknessehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
23 Tadpole-shaped pupilehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
24 Flow chart for sorting out anisocoria - bright light and darknessehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
25 Left-sided dilation lag in a man with Horner's syndromeehsl_novel_jmecImage/StillImage
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