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1 Union Theological Seminary Alumni Bulletin dated January 19571957-01Text; Image/StillImage
2 Two images depicting angel and decorative manuscript design1946Image/StillImage
3 Union Theological Seminary weekly calendar, Oct. 21-28, 19561956-10Text; Image/StillImage
4 Ten tons of Arabic culture, please : a U. of U. professor gathered it in a trip to his native Egypt1962-01-21Text; Image/StillImage
5 Photograph of Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai, 29 January 19661966-01-29Text; Image/StillImage
6 Postcard from George and Ilene Forsyth to Aziz and Lola Atiya1973Text; Image/StillImage
7 Postcard from Helen Young to Lola Atiya1957Text; Image/StillImage
8 Postcard in German dated 11 April to Dr. Atiya from G. Guanella1951-04-11Text; Image/StillImage
9 Photograph taken in June 1972 of Fred and Hedy Anderegg1972-06Text; Image/StillImage
10 Photo post card to Aziz and Lola Atiya from Fred and Hedy Anderegg1972-05Text; Image/StillImage
11 Prospective acreage gone in hot Indonesian waters1970-03-30Text; Image/StillImage
12 Christmas photo card from Wendell Phillips.1949Text; Image/StillImage
13 Christmas card and envelope, 1946-19471946; 1947Text; Image/StillImage
14 Correspondence dated 29 June 1979 to Aziz Atiya from Fred Anderegg with 1978 museum brochure.1978; 1979Text; Image/StillImage
15 Christmas card to the Atiyas from Kurt and Josepha Weitzmann.1970Text; Image/StillImage
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