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1 Oral history interview of Nathan Rafferty, conducted by Matthew Green (video)2020-10-21uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
2 Oral history interview of Allison Horowitz, conducted by Arielle Melen (video)2020-10; 2020-11uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
3 Oral history interview of Shane Macfarlan, conducted by Jamie Nakano (video)2020-10-17uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
4 Oral history interview of Monisha Pasupathi, conducted by Jamie Nakano (video)2020-11-20uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
5 Oral history interview of Brooklynn Braathen, conducted by Dalton Braathen (video)2020-10; 2020-11uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
6 Oral history interview of Megan Pimentel, conducted by Jamie Nakano (video)2020-11-25uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
7 Oral history interview of Chad Best, conducted by Kaylee LeBaron (video)2020-10; 2020-11uum_uc19Image/MovingImage
8 O.L. Tapp, SOCOTWA Colorado River Rat Plaque, circa 19541954uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
9 O.L. Tapp, Vacation, home to Florida, circa 19511951uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
10 O.L. Tapp, Snow and Furnace, circa 19481948uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
11 O.L. Tapp, Rainbow Trail film, circa 19481948uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
12 O.L. Tapp, Valley of Fire, Nevada, circa 19511951uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
13 O.L. Tapp, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, circa 19521952uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
14 O.L. Tapp, Green River, circa 19521952uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
15 O.L. Tapp, Oregon Coast, Balboa Zoo, Guaymas, Mexico, Desert Scenes, Grand Canyon, circa 19521952uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
16 O.L. Tapp, Colorado River, circa 19531953uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
17 O.L. Tapp, Bear Lake Beauties, Bingham Canyon Mine, circa 19521952uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
18 O.L. Tapp, Centennial Parade, Pioneer Day 19471947-07-24uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
19 O.L. Tapp, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, circa 19481948uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
20 O.L. Tapp, Bryce Canyon, circa 19511951uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
21 O.L. Tapp, Bear Lake, circa 19521952uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
22 O.L. Tapp, Florida to Home, circa 19531953uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
23 O.L. Tapp, Holiday Handicap, circa 19531953uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
24 O.L. Tapp, Holiday Handicap Scrap, circa 19531953uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
25 O.L. Tapp, Little Red Riding Hood Print, 19551955uum_oltcImage/MovingImage
1 - 25 of 1,601