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1 Class of 1949 at Sigma Nu Fraternity house (UW) Gamma Chi. Front row L to R: Dave Little, Otto Geisert, unidentified, Ted Holzknecht, Darrel Ward, Earle Lesley, Doug Doyle, Bill Brunhaver, Steve Kurtz, Sandy Murray,, and Fritz Apkin. Back row L to R: Walt Ramage, Jack Veers, Bob Swenson, Bud Olsen, Don Dawson, Dick Newton, Tom Carey, Jim Wiley, John Olson, Jim Bloom, Nick Rubicum, and Terry Henley.1949uum_map_usaImage
2 The Norwegian ski jumping team upon arrival in Seattle, WA, March 1947. L to R: Harald Fritzner (Seattle greeter) Arnold Kongsgard, Harald Hauge, Gustav Raaum,, Harald Sandvik (team leader), Olav Ulland (Seattle host), Ragnar Baklid, unidentified and unidentified (both Seattle greeters).1947-03uum_map_usaImage
3 Sigma Nu Fraternity (UW) sextet from L to R" Ernie Dawe (1948), Gustav Raaum (1947), Pat Arney (1947), Ced Tuohy Jr. (1944), Bill Asbury (1948).1949uum_map_usaImage
4 Sigma Nu Fraternity at UW front row L to R: Fred McCormick (1946), Tom Rosier (1946), Lou Colvin, Jack Henriot (1943), Larry Greene (1946), Gordy Woodland (1948), and Ced Tuohy (1944). Back row L to R: Jack McCarthy (1946), Mike Reeder (1946), Bob Ross (1946), Les Jones (1946).1949uum_map_usaImage
5 Sigma Nu Fraternity formal "pig dinner", University of Washington, 1949.1949uum_map_usaImage
6 Some of Gustav Raaum's trophies and awards while at the University of Washington, 1948.1948uum_map_usaImage
7 US National Ski Hall of Famers assembled during the US National Ski Convention in Seattle from L to R Steve and Phil Mahre, Graham Anderson, Gustav Raaum, Debbie Armstrong, Otto Lang, unidentified lady in front.1980; 1981; 1982; 1983; 1984; 1985; 1986; 1987; 1988; 1989; 1990uum_map_usaImage
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