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1 Flameless Combustion Safetyuu_afrcEvent
2 Emissions Estimation Methodologies for Industrial Flaresuu_afrcEvent
3 Oxygen Enhanced Biomass Combustionuu_afrcEvent
4 Hydrogen and syngas flares-comparison between experimental data and model predictionsuu_afrcEvent
5 Chemical Looping Combustion-Research for Power and Process Heat Applicationsuu_afrcEvent
6 PM Emission Factors: Past, Present, and Futureuu_afrcEvent
7 Know the Secret of Fired Heater Design and Operation with Ultra Low NOx Burneruu_afrcEvent
8 Objectives for Optimizing Combustion Systems in Refinery and Petrochemical Applicationsuu_afrcEvent
9 Achieving Environmental Compliance through Proper Destruction Efficiency of Low-Profile Flare Systemsuu_afrcEvent
10 Evaluation of Electric Power Generation from Sugar Cane Wasteuu_afrcEvent
11 Development and Demonstration of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Fired Heatersuu_afrcEvent
12 My 60-year History of Fuel Dilution Technologyuu_afrcEvent
13 Early-Stage Development of an Advanced Industrial Scale Multipoint Flare Burneruu_afrcEvent
14 Linde's Combustion Test Facilityuu_afrcEvent
15 Improved Burner Air Inlet Design & Controluu_afrcEvent
16 Flameless Oxidation in a Wide Variety of Applicationsuu_afrcEvent
17 Predicting Detailed Product Distributions For Pyrolysis of Diverse Forms of Biomassuu_afrcEvent
18 Practical Use of Computation Fluid Dynamics to Industrial Combustion Applicationsuu_afrcEvent
19 Experimental study on preheating and combustion characteristics of pulverized anthracite coaluu_afrcEvent
20 Analysis of Combustion Efficiencies for Industrial Steam-Assisted Flaresuu_afrcEvent
21 Controlling Steam-Assisted Flare Operations in Light of Federal Regulationsuu_afrcEvent
22 Use of Variable Frequency Drives for Better Destruction Efficiency of Air-Assisted Flaresuu_afrcEvent
23 Char Burnout Kinetics in an Entrained Flow Reactoruu_afrcEvent
24 Autoignition Characteristics of Silane-Oxygen-Diluent Mixtures in a Practical Burneruu_afrcEvent
25 21 Years of Real-World Low NOx Injection ("LNI")uu_afrcEvent
1 - 25 of 72