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1 New Influenza Vaccine to be Used in UtahSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-25
2 Vaccination for the Influenza GermOgden Daily Standard1918-11-26
3 New Vaccine Method Used to Check the FluRoosevelt Standard1919-11-12
4 Vaccine Found to Prevent Flu, U. S. is InformedSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-02
5 New Vaccine Method Used to Check the FluIron County Record1919-10-17
6 Government Says All "Flu" Vaccines Are ExperimentalEureka Reporter1918-11-01
7 Discover New Vaccine for Flu EpidemicOgden Daily Standard1918-12-14
8 Produces New Vaccine for 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-14
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