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1 Mackaronis, Julia E.Adolescent sexual offending: assessing sexual interest and exploring treatment trajectories and outcomeAdolescent; Assessment; Offending; Sexual; Treatment2014-05dissertation
2 Nilasena, David ShawComputer-generated reminder system for diabetes preventive careTreatment; Computer Programs1996-12thesis
3 Christensen, Brandon NyleFactors affecting mental health service utilization among deployed military personnelBarriers; Confidentiality; Mental health; Military; Stigma; Treatment2011-08dissertation
4 Bradshaw, Richard L.Feasibility of a computerized community-acquired pneumonia care process model in an outpatient settingTreatment; Utah; Computerizab;e Protocol; Arden Syntax Medical Logic2000-05thesis
5 Matsumura, Geraldine OkaThe Impact of residential treatment upon substance abusive adolescentsDrug Abuse; Treatment; Nursing1986-12thesis
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