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1 Rith, Kendrick AllenDirect and Indirect Minority Stress Experiences of Parents with Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual ChildrenSexuality; Social psychology2017dissertation
2 Smith, Isaac H.The disruption model of inspiration: toward a general model of "being inspired to act"Ethics; Inspiration; Leadership; Morality; Motivation; Prosocial behavior; Social psychology; Management2014-08dissertation
3 Probst, Matthew JaredDistributed friend-to-friend framework and services using social networksDistributed Systems; Malware Detection; Peer-to-Peer; Social Distance; Social Networks; Social psychology; Computer science2012-12dissertation
4 Geerling, DanielleDynamical systems analysis of gender-related interest development in online courseworkPsychology; Education; Social psychology; Educational technology; Higher education2017thesis
5 Crenshaw, Alexander O.Effect of stress on empathic accuracy in romantic couplesSocial psychology; Clinical psychology2016thesis
6 Barney, Keith WayneThe effect of two disability-awareness training models on stigmatizing attitudes among future healthcare professionalsAwareness workshop; Contact theory; Disability; Social model of disability; Stigma; Wheelchair sports; Social psychology; Public Health Education2011-05dissertation
7 Kim, JunThe effect of visual and auditory coherence on judgments of tranquility to simulated nature experiencesMental health; Music; Natural environment; Nature; Relaxation; Visual effect; Philosophy of Science; Social psychology2013-08dissertation
8 Furman, Nathan NeilThe effects of a treatment curriculum on the learning transfer of prosocial behavior in adventure educationEnvironmental education; Educational psychology; Recreation; Curriculum development; Learning; Social psychology; Behavioral psychology; Adventure2011-05dissertation
9 Behrends, Arwen Alexandria J.The effects of attitude familiarity on social interactions and stressAttitudes; Cardiovascular reactivity; Social interaction; Social psychology2014thesis
10 Carlisle, McKenzieEffects of explicit and implicit friendship attitudes on appraisals and cardiovascular reactivity during a negative event discussionCardiovascular reactivity; Friendship; Implicit attitudes; Social cognition; Social support; Stress; Social psychology; Psychology2013-08dissertation
11 Fraughton, Tamra AnnThe effects of utility value and choice on interest and learning in online classesChoice; Interest; Motivation; Online learning; Performance; Utility value; Social psychology2011-12thesis
12 Abrams, Elizabeth MarieEngagement and struggle for beloved community: old lesbians building community through participatory action researchAging; Beloved community; Feminist; Lesbian; LGBT; PAR; Social psychology; Womens studies; GLBT Studies; Aging2014-08dissertation
13 Wareham, Justin D.He Does, She Does? the effects of sexism on nonverbal complementarity and mimicry of dominance and affiliation in mixed-gender dyadic interactionsSocial psychology; Management; Organizational behavior; Gender studies2017dissertation
14 Cronan, Sierra B.Perceived Supports Effect on Cardiovascular Reactivity and Health Behavior as Determined by Relationship TypeSocial psychology2018thesis
15 Hammer, ChristopherPosttraumatic Growth Among Para Sport Athletes with Acquired DisabilitiesKinesiology; Social psychology2018dissertation
16 Wilson, Michael B.The Psychological Construction of RacePhilosophy of Science; Social psychology; Cognitive psychology2017dissertation
17 Moore, Shannon M.Support preferences familiarity: how is it related to social support, health, and personality?Social psychology; Psychology2016dissertation
18 Hermon, Michael WayneTruth is expendable: foundations for an empirically informed philosophy of testimonyEpistemology; Signaling theory; Social epistemology; Social psychology; Testimony2011-08dissertation
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