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1 Martin, Robert PackardBiochemical conversion of progesterone to orchic androgensPhysiology; Biosynthesis1956-06thesis
2 Topham, William SanfordControl of cardiac output studied with computer techniques.Anatomy; Physiology2008-02thesis
3 Vernadakis, AntoniaEffect of cortisol and deoxycorticosterone acetate on brain amino acid and electrolyte metabolismPhysiology1957-06thesis
4 Chen, XinEffect of uracil incorporation on the precision of HIV-1 (+)-strand DNA initiationPhysiology; Genetics2001-05thesis
5 Roosevelt, Theodore StevenThe effects of adrenal corticosteroids on oxygen utilization in ratsPhysiology; Anatomy1972-06thesis
6 Zhao, Brooke MarieThe effects of commonly used antibiotic medications on the efficacy of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in Philadelphia Chromosome Positive LeukemiaPharmacology; Physiology2017thesis
7 Lu, YanxiangEffects of NOx compounds on heme-containing enzymesPhysiology; Drug Effects1996-06thesis
8 Campbell, David Douglas.Health effects among refrigeration repair workers exposed to fluorocarbons.Neuropathy; Refigeration; Physiology1983-12thesis
9 Schumacher, Jonathan A.Identification of proteomic changes induced in anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma in response to the heat shock protein 90 inhibitor geldanamycinPhysiology2005-12thesis
10 Brinck-Johnsen, TrulsInfluence of certain hormones on nucleic acids and metabolism by lymphocytesPhysiology; Metabolism1959-06thesis
11 West, Charles DonaldThe metabolism of intravenous testosterone.Physiology; Metablism; Biochemistry1951-06thesis
12 Simonian, YasmenMonocyte nonspecific esterase: a technique for quantifying activityAnalysis; Physiology1981-12thesis
13 Noall, Matthew WilcoxProgestational hormone in human placentaProgestational Hormones; Physiology1952thesis
14 Roundy, Kirstin MaeRole for type 1 interferons in the exclusion of B cells from microphthalmic marrowPhysiology; IFN-beta-Mediated2004-05thesis
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