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1 Mattson, Rose EliseThe Association of Physical Activity Knowledge, Nutrition Knowledge, and Physical Activity Enjoyment in Low Socioeconomic Elementary School ChildrenPhysical education; Nutrition2017thesis
2 McKown, Hayley B.The Effect of Physical Education Teacher Physical Appearance on Student Physical ActivityPhysical education; Elementary education; Kinesiology2017thesis
3 Phillips, David SpencerThe effect of vigorous intensity acute exercise on executive functionCognition; Executive function; Physical activity; Physical education2012-08dissertation
4 Fu, YouEffects of a health-related physical fitness intervention on students' physical activity, cardiovascular fitness, motivation, and academic learning timeAcademic learning time; Cardiovascular fitness; Health-related; Motivation; Physical activity; SPARK; Physical education; Kinesiology2014-12dissertation
5 Goh, Tan LengEffects of a movement integration program on elementary school children's physical activity, fitness levels, and on-task behavior and teachers' implementation experiencesPhysical education; Elementary education2014-05dissertation
6 Smith, Chad EthanThe effects of a postactivation potentiation warm-up on subsequent sprint performancePhysical education; Kinesiology2012-12dissertation
7 Huang, ChaoqunEffects of motivational and volitional interventions on adolescents' physical activity behaviorHealth; Intention; Motivation; Overweight; Behavioral psychology; Physical education; Health education; Motivation; Physical fitness2012-12dissertation
8 Maxwell, Justin D.Effects of the personal fitness merit badge on cardio-metabolic risk, health-related fitness, and physical activity in adolescent boysPhysical education2016thesis
9 Larson, Jessyka N.Fit 'n' Cool Kids: children's experiences and the effects of character peer modeling and goal setting on children's physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumptionPublic Health Education; Early childhood education; Physical education; Nutrition2017dissertation
10 Gregory, Marva HodsonThe life and educational contributions of Eugene Lusk RobertsEducation; Physical education; Athletics; Recreational leadership1952-08thesis
11 Anderson, David C.Motivating children with autism to ride a stationary recumbent bicycle using contingent and delayed reinforcementAutism; Children; Exercise; Heart rate; Physical activity; Physical education2011-08dissertation
12 Prewitt, Steven L.The personalized system of instruction: fidelity and effect on health-related fitness knowledge and in-class physical activityHealth-related fitness; Physical education2014-08dissertation
13 Williams, Skip M.Physical activity levels in coed and same-sex physical education using the tactical games modelAccelerometers; Coed; Gender issues; Physical activity; Physical education; Same-sex2010-08dissertation
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