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1 Van Drimmelen, Jennie Bekker,A comparison of personal value patterns of medical-surgical nurses with the ratings given them by supervisors.Nursing; Personality1963-06thesis
2 Heriot, Cathy Summers.A descriptive analysis of experiences of personal meaning of life among older adults.Gerontogy; Nursing1991-12dissertation
3 Boland, Donna LynnA descriptive study of faculty productivity in schools of nursing.Nursing; Schools; Professional Practice1986-08dissertation
4 Lumpkins, Robert WesleyA study of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion.Excretion; Nursing1982-12thesis
5 Fisher, Deborah DarleneAdolescent and adult primiparous information needs and concerns regarding infant care.Nursing; Teenage Mothers1981-08thesis
6 Panzarine, SusanAdolescent mothers: perceived stressors, social supports and coping during the puerperium.Nursing; Teenage Mothers1983-08dissertation
7 Sauter, Mary PatriciaAffect of the behavior of the nurse toward the baby on the behavior of the mother toward the babyNursing1972-06thesis
8 Jefferson, Phyllis Eileen Paul.Alcohol as a topic for consideration in prenatal education: nursing intervention implications.Nursing; Prenatal Care1980-08thesis
9 Anderson, Mary Ann RomerThe ambiguous role of the nurse educator: baccalaureate faculty workload and its impact on research activities.Nursing; Health Education; Higher Education1984-06thesis
10 Paine, Lisa LynnAn investigation of the job satisfaction of Air Force certified nurse-midwives.Nursing; Military1982-06thesis
11 O'Brien, Susan MarianAssessment of intensive care unit nurses' knowledge of electrical safety: nursing implicationsSafety; Nursing1981-08thesis
12 Crouch, Evelyn SAttachment in pregnancy: women's acquaintance with their unborn children.Maternal Behavior; Nursing1985-03thesis
13 Mountcastle, Keitha KimbleAttitudes, satisfaction, and perceptions of newborn intensive care staff nurses about the role and performance of neonatal nurse practitioners.Nursing; Staff, Hospital; Pediatric Nursing1985-03thesis
14 Hofmann, Linda CarolThe career paths of female nurses: decisions associated with intention to leave direct patient careNursing2017dissertation
15 Strong, Cheryl.Clinical decision-making documentation of medical air transport personnel.Nursing; Medical Informatics1998-12thesis
16 Roberts, Dorothy JeanComparative effectiveness of the three-maneuver enema and regular cleansing enemasNursing; Barium Emium1968-06thesis
17 Geiser, RosannCuddle bathing: an alternative in newborn bathingInfant, Newborn; Nursing1981-12thesis
18 Taylor, Betty Kay.Dermatoglyphics of fullterm and premature infants.Infant, Premature; Nursing1977-06thesis
19 Clifford, Mary Ann ZakutneyThe development of a scale to test nurses' attitudes about health beliefsPsychological Tests; Attitudes; Nursing1983-12thesis
20 Boag, Lynn OsborneDifferences in aspects of satisfaction for nurses who stay on or leave a jobNursing; Retention of Nurses1983-12thesis
21 Haak, Sandra Watt,Drug compliance among adult hypertensive patients.Drug Therapy; Patients; Nursing1976-06thesis
22 Wyatt, Cathy EllenThe effect of a computerized nursing care plan model on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care.Patient Care Planning; Nursing1984-12thesis
23 Buell, Teresa PetersThe effect of a hospital initiated postpartum support group on the self-esteem of primary cesarean delivered mothers: and their perceptions of their birth experiencesComplications; Nursing1983-06thesis
24 Wallace, Carrie JaneEffect of earplugs on polysomnographic sleep and description of sleep-disturbing factors in critically ill subjectsNursing; Sleep Deprivation1998-12dissertation
25 Shields, Arda Ruth Ashby.The effect of two preoperative nurse-patient communications on postoperative patient welfare.Nursing; Interpersonal Relations1969-08thesis
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