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1 Lewis-Haynes, HildaEthnically Diverse Older Adults with Advanced or Recurrent Cancer: Distress, Supportive Care Needs, and Care CoordinationGerontology; Nursing; Oncology2017dissertation
2 Lacasse, Cheryl LynnComorbidity and symptom measurement in oncology scale: development and pilot results in older adult cancer survivorsGerontology; Nursing; Oncology2017dissertation
3 Hofmann, Linda CarolThe career paths of female nurses: decisions associated with intention to leave direct patient careNursing2017dissertation
4 Bloom, Rosaleen DugganPatients' and Caregivers' Experience of Social Support on CaringBridgeNursing; Web Studies; Oncology2017dissertation
5 Hawkins, Sara ForsythNurses' Work in the Context of Medication Administration, Errors, and Organizational SafetyOccupational safety; Nursing; Health care management2017dissertation
6 Chaplik, SuzanneFactors influencing antihypertensive medication adherence in veterans with hypertension and veterans with hypertension and post-traumatic stress disorderNursing2014-12dissertation
7 Shell, Lynn PeboleWellness within illness and the capacity for happiness in people with Alzheimer's disease: Using photo-elicitation method to compare the perspectives of people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregiversMental health; Gerontology; Nursing2013dissertation
8 Iribarren, SarahEvaluation of a text messaging intervention for patients with tuberculosis in ArgentinaNursing; Public health2013dissertation
9 Olausson, Jill M.The experience of developing new-onset diabetes after cancer treatments in middle age and older adultsHealth sciences; Nursing2016dissertation
10 Donohue, Rebecca BordelonUse of evidence-based practice by outpatient oncology nurses in the management of cancer-related pain and fatigueCancer-related fatigue; Cancer-related pain; Evidence-based practice; Nursing; Oncology; Outpatient2012-12dissertation
11 Roberts, Dorothy JeanComparative effectiveness of the three-maneuver enema and regular cleansing enemasNursing; Barium Emium1968-06thesis
12 Boag, Lynn OsborneDifferences in aspects of satisfaction for nurses who stay on or leave a jobNursing; Retention of Nurses1983-12thesis
13 Clifford, Mary Ann ZakutneyThe development of a scale to test nurses' attitudes about health beliefsPsychological Tests; Attitudes; Nursing1983-12thesis
14 Heady, Ruth AnnExpectant parents: attitudes and decisions about newborn circumcisionNursing; Parents1982-03thesis
15 Crow, Georgia KarineToward a theory of therapeutic syncretism: the Southeast Asian experience : a study of the Cambodians' use of traditional and cosmopolitan health systemsNursing; United States; Cambodia; Methods; Chinese Traditional Medicine; Indigenous Health Services1988-08dissertation
16 Lemmer, Corinne MarieThe Effects of early hospital discharge on maternal and infant outcomesNursing; Postpartum:1985-06thesis
17 Lewis, Marie McKim Millar; Johnson, Susan FayeScreening mammogram utilization: free offer versus structured informationInformation Services; Nursing1994-06thesis
18 Olson, Ethel Clara DennistonSatisfaction with hospital discharge planning and the ability of the elderly to cope with activities of daily living in the home setting: bindications for nursingNursing; Hospital Discharge Planning1984-03thesis
19 Anderson, Beverly A.Single-parent family strength: a phenomenological studyNursing; Women1994-06dissertation
20 Suta, Dian TheresaThe effectiveness of crisis intervention techniques utlized by a psychiatric nurse for emergency room patients with emotional complaintsPatient Care; Nursing1972-06thesis
21 Smith, Helen Louise; Sweeney, Carol ElaineThe effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancyNutrition; Demographic Data; Nursing1983-06thesis
22 Kutzler, David LynnUterine volume as a predictor of birthweightAbdominal Palpation; Nursing1980-06thesis
23 Stokes, Kathleen SarahEffects of high-dose cyclophosphamide in the isolated rabbit heartNursing; Mycardium1980-12thesis
24 Bickle, Ida Marie RandashEffects of oxygen therapy via nasal cannula on the oral-rectal temperature relationship of afebrile adult patientsOxygen therapy; Nurses; Nursing1969-06thesis
25 O'Brien, Susan MarianAssessment of intensive care unit nurses' knowledge of electrical safety: nursing implicationsSafety; Nursing1981-08thesis
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