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1 Nandikar, Sameer SanjayComputational Characterization of Vascular MechanicsBiomechanics; Mechanics; Mechanical engineering2017thesis
2 Colter, Jourdan M.Design optimization of a hyaluronic-acid based hydrogel drug-delivery device for immobilization in the eyeCMHA-S; Finite element analysis; Friction; Ocular drug delivery; Ophthalmology; Biomedical engineering; Mechanical engineering; Biomechanics2016thesis
3 Behera, SubhasisDevelopment of a method for the study of mechanical properties of branched blood vesselsBiomechanics; Branched blood vessel; Direct linear transformation; Traumatic brain injury2013-05thesis
4 Klass, Scott E.The effects of linear and rotational plyometric exercise on baseball bat swing velocityBaseball; Bat; Plyometric; Rotational; Swing; Velocity; Kinesiology; Biomechanics2011-12thesis
5 Omdal, Reed LarsonEffects of plyometric training on cervical muscle strength, activation, and head impacts in female high school soccer playersbrain injury; Concussion; Head Impacts; Neck Strength; soccer injuries; Womens studies; Health sciences; Biomechanics2015thesis
6 Jampala, Sree HarshaEvaluation of knee joint stresses during kneeling workForce sensor; Kneeling work; Kneepads; Oesteoarthritis; Knee joint stresses; Occupational health; Biomechanics2011-05thesis
7 Christman, MarissaInfluence of hospital bed height on kinematic parameters associated with patient falls during egressBed height; Biomechanics; Falls; Kinematics; Mobility; Stability2015-03thesis
8 Thomas, Larry NathanSingle-leg cycling, an evaluation of pedal powersBiomechanics; Cycling; Single-leg2011-05thesis
9 Villani, Julia MarieValidity Testing of the Functional Movement Screen in Adolescent AthletesPhysical therapy; Biomechanics2018thesis
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