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1 Salt Lake Collegiate Institute Students and Teachers, 18971897wc_pcImage
2 Graduating Class of the Salt Lake Collegiate Institute1882wc_pcImage
3 Nurses Graduating from St. Mark's Hospitalwc_pcImage
4 Class of graduating Nurses, St. Mark's School of Nursing, 19491949wc_pcImage
5 Samuel Ellis Wishard (1825-1915)wc_pcImage
6 Josiah McClainwc_pcImage
7 Jesse Fonda Millspaugh (1855-1919)wc_pcImage
8 Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor (1892)1892wc_pcImage
9 Boys' Glee Club Quartette1918wc_pcImage
10 Girls Tennis Club 19231923wc_pcImage
11 Surgical Amputation Procedurewc_pcImage
12 The Nursewc_pcImage
13 Josiah Welch (1841-1877?)wc_pcImage
14 Nurse Cathedral Pinning Ceremony June 3, 19651965-06-03wc_pcImage
15 St. Mark's Hospital Administrationwc_pcImage
16 Unidentified Group Photo of St. Mark's Nurses 19481948wc_pcImage
17 Nurse's Training Display1952-12-13wc_pcImage
18 Nurse Graduating Class of 19461946-08-21wc_pcImage
19 Jayne Bushell with Child and Miss Piggy Dollwc_pcImage
20 Nurse with Elementary Studentswc_pcImage
21 A Wasatch Academy Classroomwc_pcImage
22 Wasatch Academy Girls Glee Clubwc_pcImage
23 Wasatch Academy Teachers Chasing Dirtwc_pcImage
24 Wasatch Academy Freshman Classwc_pcImage
25 Wasatch Academy Sophomore Classwc_pcImage
1 - 25 of 1,584