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1 Fordham and Samuel H. Daroff Newspaper Clipping1964-01-01uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
2 Fordham Awards ABA 50 Year Certificate1986-01-01uu_law_clpText
3 Fordham Honors Thomas D. McBride for His Service as President of the Fellowship Commission1964-01-08uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
4 Fordham Outstanding Achivement Award1966-12-01uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
5 Fordham Presented with Outstanding Achievement Plaque1966-12-01uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
6 Fordham Presents Augustin Cardinal Bea with International Fellowship Award1965-04-29uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
7 Fordham Presents Award1965-01-01uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
8 Fordham Presents Rev. Leon H. Sullivan with the Fellowship Award1965-02-16uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
9 Fordham Receives YLSA Distinguished Service Award from Governer Shafer1968-12-02uu_law_clpText
1 - 25 of 9