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1 Pilot study on how indoor environmental and physiological variables affect human thermal confortir_suImage/StillImage
2 Authority control for digital collections: Preparing for linked data2013-11-05ir_uspaceText
3 Library alchemy: researching contemporary art2013ir_uspaceText; Image
4 Metadata managed: How to clean data that is up to no good2016-05-05ir_uspaceText
5 Project for integrative refugee writing programs2013ir_uspaceText; Image
6 Impacts of ecological information on shark fin soup consumption2017ir_suText
7 Preserving academic poster content2009ir_uspaceText
8 Neurocircuitry underlying vocal production of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis2014ir_uspaceText; Image
9 Bilateral coordination of vocal pathways in African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevis2014ir_uspaceText; Image
10 Novel one step real time RT-PCR assay for the detection of Enterovirus, A2005-11-08ir_uspaceText
11 Greening the library, greening the campus2012ir_suText; Image
12 Distinct neural control of vocal phases in frog calls2013ir_uspaceText; Image
13 Sustainability in the collection: an MLS student internship experience2013ir_suText; Image
14 Re-evaluate your Library Website using card sorts2011-09-12ir_uspaceText; Image
15 Performance characteristics of seven automated CA 15-3 methods2005-07-13ir_uspaceText
16 Characterization of exosomes2017ir_uspaceText
17 Quantifying Electricity-Related Emissions for On-Campus Buildings2019ir_suText; Image
18 Sociolinguistic differences between Japanese and English2015-03-19ir_uspaceText
19 Disappearing nations2017ir_suImage/StillImage
20 Deep recurrent neural networks for building energy prediction2017-01-13ir_uspaceText
21 Patterns of patterns2010-03-15ir_uspaceText; Image
22 Multiplex solution genotyping without probes of the factor V Leiden (G1691A), Prothrombin (G20210A), and MTHFR (C677T and A1298C) mutations in one tube by single color high-resolution melting analysis2005-06ir_uspaceText
23 Rethinking Mobile Delivery: Using Quick Response Codes to Access Information at Point of Need2011-05-06ir_uspaceText; Image
24 Grain in the ink1995ir_uspaceText
25 What you see is what you get... Observed impacts of visual education on recycling at the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah2014ir_uspaceText; Image
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