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1 Three-dimensional structure of the Siskin Green River oil shale kerogen model: A comparison between calculated and observed propertiesir_ruspace
2 Participants' attendance at a health promotion program for older widows and widowersir_ruspaceText
3 Bereavement: current issues in intervention and preventionir_ruspaceText
4 Alternative strategies for pricing home work timeir_ruspaceText
5 Time allocation decisions in two-parent familiesir_ruspaceText
6 Book Review Organ transplantation policy: issues and prospectsir_ruspaceText
7 New Recommendations for Standardizing Spirometryir_ruspaceText
8 Spirometry: What Paper Speed?ir_ruspaceText
9 Evaluation of Accuracy and Reproducibility of Peak Flowmeters at 1,400 m.ir_ruspaceText
10 Modeling fluid-structure interactions in fires and explosionsir_ruspaceText
11 An Event Model of Medical Information Representationir_ruspaceText
12 Medical Informatics: A Real Discipline?ir_ruspaceText
13 Cognitive Evaluation of the Predictors of Use of Computerized Protocols by Cliniciansir_ruspaceText
14 Capturing Clinical Reports in a Large Academic Medical Center: Feeding a Central Patient Data Repositoryir_ruspaceText
15 Clinical Decision Support and Electronic Prescribing Systems: A Time for Responsible Thought and Actionir_ruspaceText
16 Computierzed Detection of Arterial Oxygen Desaturations in an Intensive Care Unitir_ruspaceText
17 Core Content for the Subspecialty of Clinical Informaticsir_ruspaceText
18 Viewpoint: A Pragrmatic Approach to Constructing a Minimum Data Set for Care of Patients with HIV in Developing Countriesir_ruspaceText
19 Computers ,Quality, and the Clinical Laboratory: A Look at Critical Value Reportingir_ruspaceText
20 Using Point of Service Clinical Documentation to Reduce Variability in Charge Captureir_ruspaceText
21 Computerized Continuous Quality Improvement Methods Used to Optimize Blood Tranfusionsir_ruspaceText
22 Using Computer Technology to Detect, Measure, and Prevent Adverse Drug Eventsir_ruspaceText
23 Automated Syndromic Surveillance for the 2002 Winter Olympicsir_ruspaceText
24 Use of a Personal Digital Assistant for Managing Antibiotic Prescribing for Outpatient Respiratory Tract Infections in Rural Communitiesir_ruspaceText
25 Detection and Prevention of Medication Errors Using Real-Time Bedside Nurse Chartingir_ruspaceText
1 - 25 of 96