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1 Exploration of the Colorado River of the West and Its Tributaries Explored in 1869, 1870, 1871, and 1872, Under the Direction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.1875gr_jwpcText
2 Scientific American Supplement, Vol. VI, No. 131.1878-07-06gr_jwpcText
3 Scientific American Supplement, Vol V, No. 1211878-04-27gr_jwpcText
4 Scientific American Supplement, Vol. V, No. 1241878-05-18gr_jwpcText
5 Scientific American Supplement, No. 118, April 6, 18781878-04-06gr_jwpcText
6 Scientific American Supplement, Vol. VI., No. 1351878-08-03gr_jwpcText
7 Green River Launch Complex 19671967gr_lcText
8 He Rode with Butch (Charl Hanks)1959-11-08gr_pbbText
9 Green River Launch Complex 19631963gr_lcText
10 Green River Launch Complex 19681968gr_lcText
11 Green River Launch Complex 19661966gr_lcText
12 Pearl Baker: Interviewed by John McFarlane1971-07-09gr_pbbText
13 Green River Launch Complex 19711971gr_lcText
14 Green River Launch Complex 19741974gr_lcText
15 Green River Launch Complex 19701970gr_lcText
16 The Bandit Invincible: The Story of the Outlaw Butch Cassidy1986gr_pbbText
17 Utah State Historical Society Service Award to Pearl Baker1986-08-16gr_pbbImage
18 Pearl and Jody Baker1970-10gr_pbbImage
19 Pearl Bakergr_pbbImage
20 Pearl Baker1969gr_pbbImage
21 Green River Test Complex Aerial View; Mountains, buildings1970gr_lcImage
22 Visit of Congressman Lawrence J. Burton to GRTC1964-09-06gr_lcImage
23 A group of men standing together in an equipment roomgr_lcImage
24 Aerial View; Pershing Missiles at Geyer Site; Mountains in background1971-04-26gr_lcImage
25 Athena Missiles on Launches1964-08-24gr_lcImage
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