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1 Ideas for Implementing IOM Competencies in Nursing Education at the University of Utah College of NursingKirchhoff, Karin2010
2 Research Program Overview: Knowledge Acquisition for Decision SupportPoynton, Mollie2010
3 Occupational and Family Hazards of Living Off the LandReed, Deborah2010
4 Developing Hybrid Courses Balancing Fact to Face and Online LearningDoig, Alexa2010
5 Breaking with Tradition: Lessons Learned from Research Simulation and Alternative Clinical Training in MexicoCohen, Susanna2010
6 Physical Assessment Delivery Innovative Ways of Meeting the Needs of Your AudienceBurton, Shannon; Chase-Cantarini, Sue; Scheese, Carolyn2010
7 Biomeasures and People with DisabilitiesClark, Lauren; Pett, Marge; Cardell, Beth; Eldredge, Alison; Wilcox, Barry2010
8 Active Learning Considering Why and What to Choose to Increase Concept LearningColeman, Darrell2010
9 Individualized Comparative Effectiveness Research: What Makes Health HappenDonaldson, Gary2010
10 Concept-Based Curriculum and Conceptual TeachingGiddens, Jean2010
11 A Program of Research in Cancer CommunicationsClayton, Margaret2010
12 Clinical Research in Pediatric Critical CareGrant, Mary Jo2010
13 Faith Community Nursing Evolving SpecialtyHollister, Lynn2010
14 Improving Mental Health Services in a County Mental Health System: Bridging the GapMabey, Linda J.2010
15 Women Midlife Assessment ProgramWheeler, Catherine; Deneris, Ann2010
16 REDCap Research Electronic Data CaptureWong, Bob2010
17 VA Nursing Academy: UpdateJensen, Lisa2010
18 Doing Research: Research Career Trajectory, 1978Morse, Jan2010
19 TechnologyZsohar, Helen2010
20 Grief and the Holidays, 20102010
21 Biological Samples and Measures in Nursing Research: Joys and PainsClayton, Margaret F.; Latendresse, Gwen; Murphy, Patricia2010
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