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1 42nd annual exhibition of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies - 20172017uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
2 Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, fifteenth annual exhibit1990uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
3 41st Annual exhibition of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies2016uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
4 17th annual exhibition of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, April 5 - June 21, 19921992uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
5 Watercolor Southwest fifth annual exhibition1980uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
6 watercolor southwest, 37th2012-05uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
7 watercolor southwest, 35th2010-06uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
8 watercolor southwest, 13th1988uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
9 watercolor southwest, 16th1991-06uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
10 watercolor southwest, 30th2005-05uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
11 watercolor southwest, 24th1999-05uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
12 watercolor southwest, 19th1994-06uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
13 watercolor southwest, 7th1982-03uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
14 watercolor southwest, 18th1993-05; 1993-06uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
15 watercolor southwest, 9th1984uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
16 water color southwest, 1st1976-02uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
17 watercolor southwest, 40th2015-07uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
18 watercolor southwest, 28th2003-05; 2003uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
19 watercolor southwest, 3rd1978uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
20 watercolor southwest, 20th1995-06uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
21 watercolor southwest, 22nd1998-01uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
22 watercolor southwest, 38th2015-07uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
23 watercolor art society-houston, signature members exhibition2000-04uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
24 watercolor southwest, 10th1985uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
25 watercolor southwest, 14th1989uum_wfwsText; Image/StillImage
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