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1 Baskin Robbins, Clearfield, drive-thru only signs2020-04-06uum_uc19Image
2 Entrance lines at Walmart, Syracuse2020-04-10uum_uc19Image
3 Sign at Smith's grocery store, Syracuse2020-04uum_uc19Image
4 Empty shelves for sewing supplies2020-04-10uum_uc19Image
5 Nike Peterson shops wearing face mask2020-04uum_uc19Image
6 Nike Peterson with son Dylan Peterson2020-04uum_uc19Image
7 Line for curbside pick up2020-04-10uum_uc19Image
8 Maddison Wagner with newborn child, Ruby Ray2020-04-02uum_uc19Image
9 Steph Ericson practices styling hair2020-05uum_uc19Image
10 Story, Anna Florin2020-04uum_uc19Image
11 Jaclyn Foster graduates wearing face mask2020-05uum_uc19Image
12 MA portfolio defense2020-05uum_uc19Image
13 Jaclyn Foster acquires home desk2020-05uum_uc19Image
14 Patio gardening2020-05uum_uc19Image
15 Closet now in bedroom2020-05uum_uc19Image
16 Child attends class online at home2020-04uum_uc19Image
17 Boy plays drums, online music lesson2020-04uum_uc19Image
18 Palm Sunday mass, attended online2020-04-05uum_uc19Image
19 Trace, Asher, and Seth Coulam video met with grandfather Allen Hill2020-04uum_uc19Image
20 Jennifer Ova's grandson doing schoolwork2020-04uum_uc19Image
21 Ava Myntti receives FaceTime piano lesson2020-04-22uum_uc19Image
22 Ryan and Kristen Alleman online wedding [4]2020-03-31uum_uc19Image
23 Ryan and Kristen Alleman online wedding [3]2020-03-31uum_uc19Image
24 Ryan and Kristen Alleman online wedding [1]2020-03-31uum_uc19Image
25 Ryan and Kristen Alleman online wedding [2]2020-03-31uum_uc19Image
1 - 25 of 690