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1 Oral history interview of Dr. Emily Signor, conducted by Dr. Gretchen Case2020-06-04Image/MovingImage
2 Poster by local artist, Liberty Park2020-05Image
3 Oral history interview of Dr. Danielle Babbel, conducted by Dr. Gretchen Case2020-05-11Sound
4 Oral history interview of Dr. Patrick Ockerse, conducted by Dr. Gretchen Case2020-05-04Image/MovingImage
5 Drive through COVID-19 testing [2]2020-04Image
6 Drive through COVID-19 testing [1]2020-04Image
7 Drive through COVID-19 testing [3]2020-04Image
8 Blake Church in basement isolation due to COVID-192020-04Image
9 Brooke Church, self-portrait2020-04Image
10 Digital Library Services Zoom meeting2020-04-03Image
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