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1 Proceedings of the fifth American Peace Congress held in San Francisco, California, October 10-13, 1915 : as the sixth and last congress of the Committee of one hundred (appointed by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America to have charge of the religious activities during the Panama-Pacific International Exposition) and under the auspices of the Church Peace Union--the American Peace Society, assisted by the American League to limit armaments--the American Peace Centenary Committee--the League to enforce peace--the San Francisco Federated Peace Committee for 1915, and the Woman's Peace Party.1915uum_rbcText
2 British navy at war1917uum_rbcText
3 Kriegsaufsätze1915uum_rbcText
4 Horrors and atrocities of the great war : including the tragic destruction of the Lusitania, , a new kind of warfare : comprising the desolation of Belgium, the sacking of Louvain, the shelling of defenseless cities, the wanton destruction of cathedrals and works of art, the horrors of bomb dropping.1915uum_rbcText
5 Belgique de demain : la question du Luxembourg nécessité d'une barrière rhénane les Pays-Bas1916uum_rbcText
6 Songs of the soldiers and sailors, U.S.1917uum_rbcText
7 Weltkrieg und sein Ende1915uum_rbcText
8 Deutschland am Scheidewege1918uum_rbcText
9 University of Utah : Salt Lake City1917uum_rbcText
10 Secret diplomatic documents and treaties from the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the former Russian Government, with an introduction by Leon Trotzky.1918uum_rbcText
11 Socialistes et la guerre européenne 1914-19151916uum_rbcText
12 Our duty : maintain the schools at a high degree of efficiency1917uum_rbcText
13 Western critic1917uum_rbcText
14 Passing times : Christmastide edition1918uum_rbcText
15 Yanks ; a book of A. E. F. verse1917uum_rbcText
16 Draft agreement for a League of Nations, presented to the plenary iInter-allied conference of February 14, 1919.1919uum_rbcText
17 Abe Martin on the war and other things : being a full year's review of the sayings and doings of Abe Martin1917; 1918uum_rbcText
18 Dark forest1916uum_rbcText
19 [British theatre : a collection of plays acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket]1710uum_rbcText
20 [Sijill al-awqāf] , 1209 [1794].1794uum_rbcText
21 A ride over the Rocky mountains to Oregon and California : with a glance at some of the tropical islands, including the West Indies and the Sandwich Isles. Published in London by Richard Bentley in 1852. 388 pages1852uum_rbcText
22 A series of answers to certain popular objections against separating from the rebellious colonies, and discarding them entirely : being the concluding tract of the Dean of Glocester, on the subject of American affairs.1776uum_rbcText
23 A trip across the plains, and life in California ; embracing a description of the overland route; its natural curiosities ... the gold mines of California; its climate ... with sketches of Indian, Mexican and Californian character1851uum_rbcText
24 About the Karl Bodmer Collection2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015uum_rbc
25 Account of expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi, : and through the western parts of Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun Rivers1810uum_rbcText
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